Be Phenomenal or Be FORGOTTEN By Promise Excel

Book Review: Be Phenomenal Or Be Forgotten
Author: Promise Excel
Year of Publication: March 11, 2018


Be phenomenal or be forgotten is a book that reveals how anyone can rise from obscurity to stardom.

In the book, the author, Promise Excel narrated his life story of how he contended with many life challenges in the course of rising to the phenomenal brand he is today.

He talked about how he lost his father who happens to be the breadwinner of the family at a tender age, and had to hawk all kinds of domestic items in the city of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria when he was between age 12-15 in order to pay his school fees.

Promise later went on to do all kinds of menial job ranging from working as a classroom teacher, to working as a laundry boy, earning peanuts.

After high school, he wrote JAMB (an exam that one requires to pass to gain admission into the university) twice without having enough scores that could qualify him to study the course of his dream, Medicine in his favorite university. 

Then he began to think of what else he could do with his life.
He found the internet as an option he could leverage. Through personal study, courage and determination, Promise Excel went on to start his blog, that has now grown into a full digital media house.

Promise Excel’s works has reached over 1 million people globally. His work has been featured on podcast, radio, and over 50 blogs across the globe.

Be phenomenal or be forgotten is the bye-product of the lessons Promise Excel has gathered in the course of navigating his way to relevance.

The book contains fourteen chapters which carry critical message that can launch any willing soul into a life of relevance.

In chapter one, the author emphasize the need to know what one wants in life, and why one wants it.

He wrote, “In your journey to being phenomenal, you have to know what you want and go for it. If you don’t know what you want, you will be given anything.”

He discussed strategies for self-discovery which can help one identify one’s innermost desire and the why of such desire. 

In chapter two, Promise Excel talked about the need to take personal responsibility for one’s life.

He wrote “Blaming others is the easiest, safest, and most comfortable thing to do. Nobody likes to be the bad guy. When a situation arises, it is this person or that person.”

On taking responsibility for one’s life, he said, “Phenomenal people take control of their lives. You are where you are right now because of your thoughts, actions, and decisions.”

He went further to outline how one can take responsibility for one’s life.

In Chapter three, the author extensively wrote about the place of aligning one’s way of life to life principles in the search for success.

He discussed virtues such as commitment, hard work, diligence, integrity, focus, gratitude, faith and persistence as essential tools that must be harnessed in one’s efforts to achieve success in life.

In chapter four, the author discussed the role of association. He said, “In life, relationship is everything. It either makes you or breaks you.”

He went on to explain why one should connect with the right set of people and how it can be done.

In chapter five, the author encouraged people who wants to be remarkable or phenomenal to pee in their industry. Peeing in one’s industry involves been intentional about what one does such that it would have an infectious effect on others. It means doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way that would be amazing to one’s audience. 

He highlighted and discussed in details four ways one can pee on one’s industry.

In Chapter six, Promise Excel explained how touching the heart of one’s audience can make one phenomenal. According to him, “Being phenomenal is not about you and how awesome you are. At the center of it all is what you do for, to and with people. It is more about how you make people feel about themselves.”

He highlighted and discussed strategies one can employ to touch the heart of people.

In chapter seven, the author emphasized the need to respect other people’s tradition and culture. He believes the ability to respect other people’s culture, tradition and perspective is one of the traits of phenomenal people

He wrote, “Decent (Phenomenal people) people are brought up to respect other people’s culture. We are told that by respecting the traditions, beliefs and social behaviors of other people. It’ll promote tolerance and the world would be a better place.”

He highlighted thirteen reasons why one should care about other people’s culture, and eight ways to develop cultural responsiveness.

In chapter eight, Promise Excel, emphasized continuous learning as a critical pathway to becoming phenomenal. He implored readers to ensure they learn at least one new thing per day.

He wrote “You’ve got no excuse to be ignorant. Don’t be ok with the status quo. Learn new things. Know how stuff works. If you already have a skill, make sure you are up to date with the industry standard. What worked yesterday may not work again today.”

He highlighted six reasons one should learn new things every day, how to learn new things and the need for applying information.

In chapter nine, the author revealed that what makes phenomenal people stand out among the rest is the touch of excellence they add to what they do.

He wrote “look around you. There’s a 100% possibility that at least 10,000 persons are already doing what you are doing or intend to do. How do you stand out from the crowd in such situation? How do you become the go-to guy? How do you become the envy of all your colleagues?

It is in doing your very best and exceeding the GOOD ENOUGH.”

He discussed in details powerful strategies one can employ to achieve excellence is one’s area of influence and in character.

In chapter ten, Promise Excel provides a very vital solution to why many people refuse to allow their light to shine. The reason some people remain in obscurity is due to shame. The author asserted that anyone who wants to be phenomenal must be shameless.

He encouraged his readers to promote themselves and the value they have for the world at all cost.

In chapter eleven, the author urged his readers to admire successful people. He emphasized that by admiring, rejoicing and being happy about the success of others, we attract the goodness of their lives into ours. He’s of the opinion that the reverse is also true.

He condemned envy, and tag it an enemy to personal success.

In chapter twelve, Promise Excel revealed one great secret about phenomenal people. According to him, most phenomenal people have a large base of fans and believers who followed their works.

He encouraged everyone who wants to be phenomenal to build a community of people or tribe who believe in the value they have for the world.

The author creatively discussed how anyone can do that.

In chapter thirteen, the author emphasized the need to take advantage of modern technology in one’s attempt to attain relevance. He wrote extensively on digital media, the meaning, and how one can leverage it for global relevance.

In the last chapter which is chapter fourteen, Promise Excel challenged people who think they are too young to live a life of relevance to discard the lies they’ve been telling themselves. He emphasized that no one is too young to live a phenomena life.

Be phenomenal or be forgotten is book anyone must read regardless of age. I specially recommend it for young people who still have many years ahead of them and aspiring to be great.

Be Phenomena or be forgotten will take anyone from where they are to where they want to be.

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  1. Whao, your detailed analysis of this book is mind blowing. Kudos

    1. Thanks Funso for the feedback. I appreciate you.

  2. Whao, your detailed analysis of this book is mind blowing. Kudos