The Enormous Power of Small Efforts

Small Efforts repeated.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in day out.”- Robert Collier

The role and the enormous power of small efforts in the attainment of success in life cannot be overemphasized.

Most often, we think of achieving our goals in terms of taking one big action that would turn things around for us, but success rarely comes by taking one massive action.

Success is often the product of small efforts repeated on daily basis.

One day, I needed to fill one of my buckets with water.

On getting to the tap, it was running so slowly in way that would be unbearable to the most patient individual. The water was dropping really slowly.

I felt like giving up and look for another alternative, but on a second thought, I considered the need for more patience.

I waited and observed the water as it drops into the bucket. In the beginning I was not really fully certain that the tap wouldn't stop before the bucket gets filled up.

As I waited, the little drops started amounting into something significant. That encouraged me to wait more. Over time; the bucket became filled up to the brim.

My goal was achieved.

The bucket didn't get filled by a single drop of water, but rather by repeated insignificant drops.

Though I have always known that success is a product of small efforts repeated on daily basis, that incidence thought me a big lesson about the enormous power of small efforts in creating desired result in life.

It afforded me the opportunity to have a direct experience of the truth that’s embedded in the words of Devin G. Durrant which says,

 “Small efforts sustained over time can produce significant result.”

When you have a big goal to achieved, don't feel bewildered about the possibility of achieving it.

At the beginning it might seem impossible, but by breaking the goal into small small goals, and accomplishing the small small goals, over time your dream would become a reality.

Don't take your small efforts for granted. If you can be consistent making small small efforts on daily basis towards the achievement of your biggest goal, it may be long before you succeed, but success is inevitable.

Don't look at your goal, and say where do I start from? Just start with your small effort, and see where you go from the there.

Have you been procrastinating anything because you think you need to take one big action to get it done?

Stop waiting. Think of the smallest action you can take today that would move you a little closer to the goal, and go ahead to take that action.

If you are still in doubt of the enormous power of small effort, remember that “a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean.” Remember that “Rome was not built in a day.” Remember that you didn't become as big and mature as you are today the same day you were born.

Everything you have become today is a product of consistent small progress.

It takes some time, to get to where you are today. The same principle of growth that brought you this far, applies to accomplishing any goal you set your mind on to achieve.

Anytime you want to achieve a big goal, always remember that small efforts repeated consistently has enormous power and can accomplish great things.

Over to You

Can you share any experience where you have used repeated small efforts to accomplish something great?

What is your take on this whole concept?

 Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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  2. Taiwo,
    Very encouraging post.
    I am doing small efforts to accomplish something great. My health is not good but in time I will get the results I need. Patience is a virtue my friend.

    1. Hi,
      I am glad you found value in this post.
      Sorry about your health. I pray you recover quickly. Thanks for commenting.