Don’t Let What Happened in 2017 Repeat

Don't  let what Happened in 2017 Repeat in 2018

You are welcome to 2018. I wish you a happy new year. This is another opportunity for a new beginning and we must take maximum advantage of it.

I was in church for the cross over night and saw many people jubilating.  People were excited about getting into the new year. We all showed the excitement that arises from surviving the previous year.

If you go anywhere now, one thing you will keep seeing is the spread of good wishes among people. Friends, families, church members, co-workers,  are all wishing one another a prosperous new year.

Furthermore, at individual level, everyone seems to have a high expectation for the year. Everyone is now talking about their goals and new year resolutions. People are really expecting much from themselves this year and I am not sure your own case is different.

Do you know that this is how it has always being every year? People at the beginning of every year are always full of hope, good wishes; desires for greater feat and enthusiasm, but majority of these personal expectations don’t materialize at the end of the year.

You probably felt the same and have noble thoughts as you do now at the beginning of 2017, but how many of those aspirations were you able to translate into reality? For so many people, only a few were able to successfully accomplish all that they set out  to do in the previous year.

Why do you think most people perform below their expectations every year?

The reason, in my own opinion is not because people are jokers. It is not because they don’t truly desire what they want to achieve, most of the time, it is because of individual’s inability to manage inner resistance and external obstacles.

People fail to accomplish their yearly goals because of their inability to harness the power of their will. People also lack the necessary discipline needed to translate their desires into reality.

They are prey to the law of diminishing intent.

Inner resistance is the umbrella name for every self-limiting belief that prevents you from living your best life.  They include self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, fear of failure, fear  of what people would say, fear of death, and  fear of physical pain  to mention but a few.

If you have always recycled mediocrity in previous years, believe me, this year won’t be different if you fail to deal with inner resistance and the inability to handle obstacles.

If there is any skill you must master this year, let it be your ability to do things whether you feel like doing it or not.

How can you deal with a problem, especially a disease of the mind without having the right tool? How can you deal with something you are completely ignorant of?

You don’t need to worry further about the tool or knowledge you need to break the shackles of inner resistance and the power of external obstacles. I have already prepared a tool for you. I have uncovered the secret of the monster called inner resistance. All you need to do is to take advantage of the opportunity, and you will thank me for it.

My book, “How to stop being your own enemy” is the tool you need. It was released for public consumption on the 16th  of December,  2017, and since then, those who have downloaded and read it haven’t recovered from its  impart in their lives. You might say how did I know that? I know that from what people have been saying about the book, and the rate at which they are recommending it to their friend s to read.

The book is written based on the assumption that the average man is his own worst enemy. In twelve short but thought-provoking chapters, it reveals twelve critical ways the average man sabotages his own success, and provides useful, and inspiring tips on how to deal with them.

This is a book you need to start the year with.

Here is what others have been saying about the book
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Do you need a TOOL to help you deal with the WORLD? This is the instrument  for it. How about visualizing the most UNSUSPECTING hindrances to your success in life? This book is the lens by which you can see the invisible, the magic wand for your PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.  
Dr.Chinedum Onyegwu Ferdinand

Trust me, the book was everything. After going through the chapters, I turned back to the introductory part and tried to answer the questions there. I can guarantee that if the instructions and suggestions contained in the book are wisely and precisely followed, year 2018 will be a fulfilled year. Thanks for blessing me with such a wonderful book. More knowledge sir.
Mary Adesanya

Wow Taiwo Emayosanlomo, what a powerful book and so quick and easy to read. I loved the quotes and examples, especially the last one about the 2 frogs that landed in a container of milk. These uplifting words could not have come at a better time for me. For the past 2 years I have created big virtual summits, working countless hours to get them working successfully. At this point, I want to shift gears and focus in a new direction. I have found myself feeling down, looking back with regret, feeling lots of blame for some things not working out as desired, and not clear about what direction to take in the new year. "Your powerful little book" has reminded me, once again, to stop comparing with others, to stop even comparing with myself, to stop hating and belittling myself and to come from a state of pure love (which I strive to do for others) and focus that pure love on me."
 Dr. Erica Goodstone

The testimonials above are a minute of the so many I have received from people who have read it.
It is your own turn to have an experience with the book.

 You are not paying a dime to get your own copy.

After reading the book, you might come back to say thank you. And by the time you start applying the principles it contains, you will start getting results, then you may decide to send 30 billion to my account.

No more story, have a romance with the book.

Download the book now!
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How to stop being your own enemy by Taiwo Emayosanlomo.

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Decide to rise and be the better version of yourself in every area that is important to you in 2018.

Resolve to deal with your inner resistance and obstacles.

I wish you a great 2018

Over to You

Why do you think the majority of people live far below their potential every year? What have you decided to do differently in order to get better result this year?
I will be glad to read your  reply in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Taiwo,
    It is right many people make resolutions but are not able to get to the goal.
    Most it is lack of discipline and focus. It seems you did an awesome job with your book. I wish you can help many to keep motivated and reach the goal in 2018 with your suggestions and tips in the book

    1. Hi Erika,
      Thanks for your insightful comment.

      The book would help anyone who wants to be helped because it is one thing to read, and it is another thing to apply.

  2. Congratulations on your book Taiwo, I'm going to download it and look forward to reading it!

    While we are each unique in our own way, I find that clients tend to fall into one of three camps. Those who are hungry to learn and grow and all they need is a guiding hand to help them move forward. Those who suffer from the issues you've described so well, fear and self-limiting beliefs, may need additional encouragement and support, but have the desire to grow and therefore potential. The last group are the ones who keep us up at night, and have caused more than a few coaches to quit the profession.

    These are the people who simply don't care enough to make the effort. They want the attention, but have an excuse for everything and are experts at manipulating others into seeing them in the victim role.

    I have a rule I live by when it comes to helping anyone - they have to care more about achieving their desired results than I want it for them, or they need to find someone else to work with. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Marquita,
      I learn so much from your comment. You have said nothing but the truth.

      I can see you have downloaded the book. I look forward to your feedback.

      Thanks for adding to this conversation.

  3. Congratulations. This sounds just wonderful and I am so pleased for you. Cutting through fear and self limiting beliefs is so very important.

    1. Dr. Elise I am happy you saw the importance of cutting through fear and self-limiting beliefs.
      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Never heard New Year's eve referred to as 'cross over night. Like that phrase because I've always kinda smirked at the senseless displays many of us get up to. It's just another day in an arbitrary system we've make up for convenience.

    Anyway, your cautionary message was thoughtful and timely. Thank you,

    1. Hello Edward,
      That's the popular term for New Year Eve here in my country.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Hi Taiwoe,

    What a great post mate - you've highlighted and nailed some of my own personal inner resistance. These days I've used similar techniques you refer too such as visualizations (and self analysis) to begin overcoming my outdated inner programming. I'll definitely be reading some more of your posts!

    Great work mate!