Accept the Mortality of your Existence


“Right from the day you were born, you are too old to die”-Anonymous

I am a strong believer of the idea that the earth is a school, life is a teacher, and experiences are the content of our lessons.

 At a very early stage in life I subscribed to the teachings and doctrines of organized religion with the intention of knowing the truth, and understanding the true nature of reality. This was possible because my parents were christians. I later realized when I became a grown up that many of the religious dogmas and claims I was exposed to while I was growing up are not consistent or in line with the physical world that my brain can understand.

On the subject of death, most organized religion teaches that death is the path to eternal life for their holy adherents. But even as at that, these so called faithful adherents don’t want to die. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

Most often, I cringe when I hear people pray against death. On a certain Christmas day, 25th of December 2016 precisely, a woman’s phone conversation eavesdrops into my hearing. She was praying earnestly that nobody would die in her immediate family and the family of the person she was speaking with as the year was running out and in the New Year.

If you go to any church or mosque, you will realize that the people’s voice is loudest when they are praying against death.
People pray against death because they are ignorant. At a subconscious level, they perceive death as the end of their existence, so they are scared.

From what we can understand with the aid of our senses, death is a natural process. Just like our birth into this world, death is also a normal life process that every mortal must pass through.

I have found out from my own experience that true freedom comes when you are liberated from the control of organized religion, childhood indoctrination, and from accepting the mortality of your existence. You can never free yourself from the bondage of organized religion until you start questioning all that you have being taught, and measured them against what your brain can understand. That is the beginning of wisdom.

The part of our body we most underutilized, or take for granted is our brain. We have being conditioned to believe that we need a supernatural consciousness to understand the universe. God created the brain just like every other part of the body for a purpose. One of the purpose of the brain is to enable us interpret the stimuli around us, and understand the events going on in our environment.

The brain is given to us to enable us think critically, understand causes and effects and solve problems.
From what we can see around us, every living thing dies. So what is the big deal about the death of anyone? When a person dies, especially if the person is in his prime, we have been conditioned to think that such death is unnatural.

In Africa for instance, people often assume that the young person’s enemy(ies), generally believed to have charms or demonic powers  have seen his bright star, and decided to kill him to prevent it from shining. We always give  supernatural explanation to why certain people die.

The sole message of this article is this: death is a natural process. Though people or living organisms die naturally when they become old, death is not restricted to any particular age. People have died at any stage or age you can ever imagine, from a day old, to 10 years old, 20, 30, 40 50 100 and so on. So it is a true saying that “right from the day you were born, you are too old to die.”

"If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right." --Steve Jobs

If you live your life every day as your last, one day your assumption would be true. I live every day of my life with the consciousness of my mortality. I believe I can die any time and any day. Most often I don’t password my devices so that people can gain access to the contact of my loved ones when it eventually happened. I always put my things in a way people would appreciate them in case I don’t have the opportunity to do so anymore, example is making sure my apartment is tidied up anytime I am going out.

Do I have dreams? Yes I have dreams, I have goals, I wake up every day to work hard so that I can improve my life, condition and contribute meaningfully to the evolution of the human race. I do this by helping people to live their lives on purpose, grow consciously and expand.

I have learned to accept life for what it is. I don’t waste my energy and time on the things I can’t control, as well as things the society says I need a super consciousness to understand or things that we cannot comprehend with our minds but can only be understood when we get to the other side( when we die)

By accepting the mortality of my existence, I became conscious to do things that will outlive my physical existence. To leave a legacy that future generation can benefit from. That is the force, and thinking that drives my action.

 It is not how long we live that matters, but the impact our existence have on humanity. Jesus died at about age 32-33, but more than 2000 years later, the whole world is still looking for salvation in his name. Martin Luther King Jr died at 39, Alexander the great died at 32. If longevity is of utmost importance, then the death of the likes of Jesus, Alexander the great, and Martin Luther king Junior should be an embarrassment.

Methuselah according to the bible lived for 969 years with nothing tangible to offer the world except the fact that he increased the population of the human race with the children he had. In the end, it is not how long you live, but the impact you make. We are not born to live in this world forever, we are born to fulfill our individual assignment and die. Death can visit you at any age.

Live daily with the consciousness of your mortality; do not be afraid of death. It is insanity to be afraid of what is normal and death is.

Live now and die later.

Over to you
How do you feel about the mortality of your existence? Feel free to continue this conversation in comment section.

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  1. Deep subject! I've never wasted time worrying about death and maybe the fact that I'm not religious has something to do with that. I know my time will come, but to be completely honest I'm more concerned with living to a ripe old age with a life to look back on that was boring and safe. I'd much rather slide across home base squealing "Wee, what a ride!" Thanks for the inspiring read!

    1. Hi Marquita,
      I am glad to know you have crushed your fear of death.I believe overcoming the fear of death is a feat we can all achieve if we are will to open up ourselves to the reality of life. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Whoa nice post Taiwo! I often contemplate the nature of reality and this has lead me to research various religions. It's also lead me to learn things like quantum mechanics, physics, astrophysics and a slew of others.

    I find after reading your article that I agree with what you have said. Death is nothing to fear. My understanding of time-space and string theory (now M-Theory) is that we never really actually die anyway. According to Einsteins theory of relativity (special) the past present and future all actually exist at once! String theory says there are actually multiple universes in which other versions of us are alive.

    Scientists cannot even tell you whether this universe (multiverse) is actually real or some kind of digital simulation! If you study quantum mechanics you will see what I mean!

    I have actually written a few posts on this subject myself and would love your thoughts on them! I'll addone as a link on my name ;-)

    1. Hi Richard,
      I admire your desire to know the truth for yourself.I have studied quantum mechanics. I will surely visit your blog to read more about the various topics you mentioned in your comment.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  3. This post makes me to understand Steve job speech better, "live today as if it were your last day". let me try if I may say it exactly the way he said it. He said " even people who are going to heaven don't want to die,

    I have been ruminating on this word called death, why do people fear to die, even though, they lament, complain, are suffering on this earth.

    My belief is I don't pray for a long life but the little I want to live, I want God to say oh! you have live a well live and have fulfilled all my heart desire and have contribute positively to this world. "it is not how far, but how well".

    If we all live today as if our last day, fear will vanish because we have nothing to lose, we all naked. we will pursue our goal, won't waste time, (procrastinate),

    maybe because am not a optimist, that's why I do think that way. but nevertheless, we must not fear to die, but rather make an impact.

    1. Hi Gbemileke,
      I am impressed by your level of awareness. I am happy you have crushed your fear of death. Death is part of life, and we must learn to see it that way.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  4. I have never had a fear of death. In fact, I never think about it at all. Well, once I thought about it when I thought that the small private airplane I was on was going to crash into the ocean. I take a lot of risks (much to my family's dismay) because I don't consider death--frees me up to enjoy life. Anyway, to be absent from the body is the be present with the Lord so it is all good.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I love your attitude towards the Mortality of your existence. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Wow. So thought provoking. I am not afraid of death but I definitely do not want it to come too soon.

    1. Hi Elise,
      I am glad to hear that you have conquered your fear of death. Even though we know we are all going to die,most of us prefer to live up to ripe age.

  6. The only sure thing in life is death. Nothing we can do about it but roll while we have the opportunity.

    As for religion, the only people who know anything about afterlife aren't in position to pass that knowledge on to the living.

    BTW, Steve Jobs didn't get all that 'holy' until he was faced with his own mortality. He ripped off the quote many sources attribute to him (Psalm 90:12). Furthermore, he was a real prick for most of his life, but that was his choice.

    Thanks for an interesting post. I'm very impressed with your maturity and insights.

    1. Hi Edward,
      Thanks for your contribution to this post. I am glad to know you are impressed with my maturity and insights.
      Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hey Taiwo! WOWSY MY Friend! Quite the article!! I to have learned to accept life for what it is and I do not dwell on things that are beyond my control-Such as death! I am not afraid of dying I just am not ready to go anytime soon.
    Thanks for sharing..
    Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,
      I am glad to see your comment. I admire the fact that you don't feel threatened by the certainly of death.
      Thanks for visiting.

  8. Taiwo,
    I loved your article. Particularly "we are born to fulfill our individual assignment and die." I do believe that to be so. I have accepted my mortality and have become conscious of doing things that will outlive my physical existence. I planted pink tulips this fall and wondered if I would see them bloom in the spring. I wish to leave a legacy that future generations can benefit from. "That is the force, and thinking that drives my actions". Lovely lovely words my friend. Thank you for your article.

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      Thanks for your insightful comment.I am glad.

  9. Nice one, Taiwo. I came right away after seeing your comment on the subject on my blog and I'm impressed. I love what you are doing here. I wish more bloggers around here get responsible. Thank you for this article.

    1. Hi Reyginus,
      Thanks for visiting. I love your work, and you are doing great too.

  10. Fantastic post and so much to learn. It’s incredible!!!! I think there was something from each story that deeply impressed me about each one and the obstacles they overcame.

  11. Absolutely! I concur to this.
    Very deep and insightful. The days we live on earth are just numbers and like #shadows which pass by as the dawn clocks. What keeps us living after we've existed is the legacy and landmarks we left behind.

    1. Hi Pharsh,
      I couldn't agree more with your submission.
      Thanks for your comment.