Why Your Life is Not the Way You Want It To Be

Why your life is not the way you want it to be.

If your life is to be perfect, how will your life look like? What would be your career, how will your financial life be, what religion would you adopt? These and many other questions I presented in the chapter one of my winning paradigm for tough times: a practical guide to overcoming the obstacle to success.

Have you ever taken time to consider why things are not the way you want them to be in your life? We are humans, and live with so many superstitious beliefs. With this in mind, it is easy for you to be blame your background, your parents, your spouse, your country, your upbringing, and the witches and wizard in your village for your challenges.

What if none of these limitations you place on yourself are your problem? What if your excuses are not your problem? Of course, there is a high probability that none of the things you blame are responsible for your problem.

From self- awareness, I am persuaded you are responsible for why life is not the way you want it to be.

Firstly, I want you to know that life does not respond to wishes. Everyone has a wish. A popular adage says “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Life responds only to your action. A farmer no matter how he wishes for a bountiful harvest will reap nothing unless he sows. In the same manner, your life will not produce any result until you start taking action.

Many people with great ideas fail to take action, they keep following the path of least resistant all their lives. They want things the easy way. Guess how their life turns out? They turn out to become mediocre people.

The reasons why we fail to act or do what is right most of the times is due to lack of self-discipline.
According to Brian Tracy, the author of No Excuses, “self-discipline is the ability to do something when you should do it whether you feel like doing it or not.”

Read that definition three times and meditate for 60 seconds, and then ask yourself, if you have been approaching your job, or dreams that way.

If we are to keep doing what is pleasing to us and what we enjoy doing, we will never make any remarkable impact in life. A life worth living demands discipline. I woke around to 2am to write this post. I and kept creating other contents till now (6am) and have not stopped yet. I felt like enjoying my sleep, but writing this post is what I should do, so I had to push sleep aside and create it, if not so, you may not be reading this now.

Your problem is lack of discipline. Consider that definition of self-discipline and resolve to keep applying it in your life.

Over to You

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Live consciously! Take charge of your life.


  1. Well said, Hard work, Dedication, Honesty to provide best and real information to readers, Interest in work are the keys of success. Great read. keep sharing.

  2. These are all such great point! I think it is so important to use the method of communication with people, who really want the same thing in life or match with your points.

  3. Nice piece,more ink to your pen.

  4. Hi Taiwo,

    Without discipline, we can never attain the life we want. We can't just sit around wishing for things, but rather apply action to attain them.

    1. Hi Donna, you are very much on point. Discipline is a critical factor we all need to adopt if we must succeed.
      Thanks for your contribution.

  5. Hi Taiwo,

    Actually I do find this post very inspiring.

    Nobody wants to live a mediocre life.

    But, also… most of us don't want to do the hard work required to live the exceptional life.

    This may not have inspired me to wake up at 2 a.m. (heehee).

    But it has inspired me to

    -- make sure that I know WHAT I need to do and then do it.

    -- have the discipline to do everything possible to complete exactly what must be done, and nothing less.


  6. Hi,
    It is great to know that you derive inspiration from this post. You made a powerful point in your comment, "nobody wants to live a mediocre life, but also most of us don't want to do the hard work required to live the exceptional life."

    I can't agree less with you. Thanks for your contribution.