There is Greatness in You

There is greatness in you.

“Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seed of greatness.”—Zig Ziglar

Philip while still in the euphoria of his encounter with the expected messiah, ran to meet Nathaniel and told him he has seen the messiah, he went ahead to name where the messiah came from. To his surprise he got an unexpected response from Nathaniel, “can anything good come out Nazareth?”

Nathaniel, based on his previous orientation about the city of Nazareth, assumes that nothing good could come out it. But when he saw Jesus, Jesus projected himself as the messiah he truly is. He proved the opinion of Nathaniel wrong. He made Nathaniel realize by what he did that what makes a man is not where he comes from, it is in what the man can make of himself.

One important thing I want you to know is that there is greatness in you. Most often we do imagine great people to be some special individuals from a distant land, or people who had great opportunities.  This kind of mindset is a wrong one. Greatness is what is in every man. A man becomes great when he makes conscious effort to harness his potentials, and when he chooses to take advantage of all the opportunities he has.

To the neighbours of a great man, he’s not seen as a great man, but just the ordinary person they have always known him to be. Jesus realize this when he said “a prophet does not have honour in his own town.”

An author wrote, “Your background is not the reason why your back must be on the ground.”  You are what you make of yourself. You will become great not because you were raised in a city; there are so many people who grew up in the city who end up mediocre people and people who rose from villages to become great leaders in life.

You will become great not because your parents are rich, there are a lot of poor men’s children who grew up to become great and extremely rich.
In the end, it is not so much of where you come from or your family background that determines what become of you in life, it is your dreams, your will and determination to develop yourself, harness your potential, and become a useful person to the society.

Consider the following great people: Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, T.D Jakes, Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Barack Obama, Alexander the great, Napoleon Hill, David Oyedepo and so many others.

What do you think is special about these people? Their biographies reveal that they don’t have better talents, gifts and opportunity than the average person. They experience the same challenges and obstacles the average person face every day.

One common thing about them is that they all realize that there is greatness in them, they hone their skills, developed themselves; apply the power of their will and determination to become great. Greatness is in the average man, he fails to manifest it because he looks down on himself, and feel he doesn’t have all it takes.

I challenge you today to discover your uniqueness, develop your gifts, work hard and be determined to become the kind of person with your kind of brain can be.

 You are more powerful than you think.

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  1. Greetings! Verry helpful advice within this post! It is the little changes which
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