4 Ways to Increase the Quality of Your Thoughts

4 ways to increase the quality of your thoughts

“The mind once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”-Ralph  Waldo Emerson

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he”- Bible

Do you know that how you think play a major role in your life? If you don’t, then know that today, that your life will grow and improve in proportion to the quality of your thoughts. Your thought is the foundation of every action you have ever taken in life. And your destiny is created by your actions. If your thoughts are good, your actions will be good. Good and positive actions will create for you a pleasant destiny or outcome, and vice versa.  Tyron Edward did a thorough analysis of how our thoughts influence the quality of our lives in this quote, “Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; action form habits, habits decide character and character fixes our destiny.”

When your life is not the way it ought to be, most often the root cause lies in the way you think. And even if your thoughts are good, you can still expand the horizon of your thoughts. I have realized that by exposing your mind to certain things, your thinking will begin to change for good, and your life will start getting better.

The ways to increase the quality of your thought include the following:

1. Reading 

One of the powerful tools that can reprogram your mind and how you think is book. By reading here, I am not talking about reading for pleasure, but reading to expand your mind. If there is anything I discovered that has personally changed my thinking, it is book.

By reading, I gained freedom from the control of organized religion, childhood indoctrination, prejudices, biases, tribalism and fear of what is normal such as death.

Reading will open your eyes to see how the universe work, and how to get the things you want.

2. Travelling

There is proverb in my local dialect which says, “The person who has not been to another person’s father’s farm would think his father’s farm is the biggest.” Another popular adage says “one man’s food is another man’s poison.”  Life is full of variety. If all you know is the way of life of your cultural background and if all you think is possible is what you have done or what you see people do in your local environment, and then you haven’t seen anything yet. Thinking that life is only about what is obtainable in your locality is self-limiting.

During a Christmas holiday, I embarked on trip to a new environment. I saw so many things that really challenged my thinking. I discovered young people making great strides, and people living differently from what is the norm in my own city. So what am I trying to say? By travelling, your mind will be exposed to new culture, new people, new challenges, and new ways of doing things that you have never thought was possible. You will find out on your own that there is more to life than what is obtainable in your locality, and the quality of your thought will ultimately be boosted.

3. Making Friends with People Who are More Successful Than You

Now, success here is relative. It depends on the area you want to be successful. People who are more successful than you probably have certain ways of doing things that gives them their enviable success. By relating with them, your mediocre perspectives, and ways of doing things will be challenged. They will influence you for better and for good, and consequently increase the quality of your thoughts.

4. Daring to Do What You Have Never Done Before

We are often used to remaining in our comfort zone. We always like to do things the way we have always been doing them simply because doing that is safe. Only very few people are willing to risk doing new things.
By daring to do something you have never done before, you will learn new things.  It doesn’t matter whether your effort gives gives you success or failure, one things that matters is that by trying something new, you will gain new experience. You will discover new things about you that you never knew before.

When you achieve an unbelievable success by doing the things you thought were impossible, will experience a paradigm shift in the way you see yourself, and the unlimited potential you have to do the impossible. Ultimately, the quality of your thoughts will increase.

Over to you

Which other ways do you think we can increase the quality of our thoughts?  Please feel free to share using the comment box below.


  1. Hi Taiwo,
    $ great suggestions. Reading is huge.. I love to see how various authors use words to express their ideas.... it's motivating and educational .. I have not traveled much .. but like watching traveling shows on TV .. wonderful to visit you! Keep blogging!

    1. Hi Lestly,
      I am happy to see your comment here. It is good to know that these factors has helped in shaping the quality of your thoughts. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Hi Taiwo

    You are so right and I am a fan of reading books. Also travelling does help in increasing the quality of thoughts as you get to see life in a different way.

    Thanks for sharing your insight. Take care

    1. Hi Ikechi,
      I am happy you can relate to these factors. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I love your suggestions including the one referencing being daring. I love the idea of living outside of the comfort zone.

    1. Hi Elise,
      I am happy you can relate with the points that I raised in this post.
      Thanks for your comment, and for visiting my blog.

  4. I am a voracious reader because I don't watch TV. I also love traveling and a big believer in challenging myself, so I definitely agree with your line of thinking. :-) One other suggestion - expose ourselves to people who have different opinions. I periodically read a book in a genre I wouldn't normally and, even if it offends or frustrates me, read or listen to people with different views. This is the only way we can ever hope to build a bridge of understanding and tolerance. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hi Marquita,
    Thanks for adding to the points I raised. Interacting with people who have a different perspective definitely has a way of influencing how we think and see things.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Great post Taiwo thank you for sharing great information for the mind. I am a big believer. One have no idea how far they can stretch until they try. Looking back they say did I do that? Here is my personal favorite "Good better best, never let it rest until good is better better is best"
    Have an awesome week

  7. Hi Amaka,
    I love this your wonderful rhythm. Indeed, the pursuit of excellence is the pathway to unleashing our maximum potential.
    I am happy to read your comment.
    Thanks for visiting.

  8. Hi Taiwo,

    I'm old enough to have seen how an individual's thinking, and attitudes, rule their lives.

    All your suggestions could help us expand our knowledge of alternative possibilities.

    Reading, especially, allows us to get to know people, past and present, visit strange places and vicariously experience events we'd never live long enough to do otherwise. Good post,