Why You Must Help Yourself

Why you must help yourself.

“Heaven helps those who help themselves.”

Willy Jolly said, “It takes a minute to change your life.” Do you desire transformation in your life?  Have you come to the point where you feel totally HELPLESS about how things are in your life?

I have something to tell you, there is still hope, and you can still experience the turn around you so much desire.

How do I change my life?

This is the question so many people have been asking themselves.  They are tired and disgusted about the state of things in their lives, and are in dire need of a better condition. The issue is that most people stopped at that feeling of disgust. They don’t take any step to effect the change they want to see in their life.
Most people, having lost hope in their own ABILITY, gave power to forces outside them. They wish a powerful person, God or a mighty deity could come and assist them with all their problems, or that a miracle should happen that would make things to be as they want.

The truth is that changing your life is not as difficult as you think, but you must be willing to help yourself. When your room is not properly arranged what do you do to make it organized? Do you just stay there and keep whining, and wishing the room gets organized? No, what you do is making effort to do a proper arrangement of the things in the room. Having done that, your room  looks well-arranged and pleasant to you.

Another example is hunger, when you are hungry, do you just pray and wish that you have food to eat? No, most often you have to go and get food stuffs, go to the kitchen and prepare the food you want to eat before your hunger can be satisfied.  Food will not just appear on your table because you are hungry; it must be prepared by somebody. You will either do it yourself, or pay someone to serve you food. Sometimes you may have to beg for it. 

If you are hungry, and all you do is just sitting down and expecting miracle to happen, I am sure you already know what would happen to you. You will die of hunger.

Now, relating it to why you must help yourself to change your life. Things will remain as they are in your life if all you do is PRAYING and WISHING for change and transformation. You will remain at a single spot for a very long time. To experience transformation in your life, you must take charge of the driver sit of your life. You must take responsibility for your results.

If you don’t help yourself, nobody will help you, and nobody can help you. People will come to your aid only when they see that you are already helping yourself because they want to be part of your success story. Audrey Hepburn said, "remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at end of your own arm..."
What would you do about your challenges today? Would you continue to whine and complain about them? Would you continue to wish for a change without taking any action? It is high time you started helping yourself, start taking steps towards effecting the transformation you want to see in your life. 

Start today!

“By THOUGHT the thing you want is brought you” said Wallace Wattles, “by ACTIONS you receive it.”


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