Important Facts You Need to Know about My New Ebook

Winning paradigm for tough times by TAIWO Emayosanlomo

Title: Winning Paradigm for Tough Times
Subtitle: A practical guide to overcoming the obstacles to success
Formats: PDF, MOBI, EPUB
Author: Taiwo Emayosanlomo
Release Date: 25 November 2016.

I was invited to speak to some youths in 2014, on this topic, “how to overcome the obstacles to success in life.” The message had a profound impact on the audience that I decided to make it into a book.  Since that time I have been putting my pen to paper and fingers on keyboard to ensure that this book gets to you.

In may this year, I shared a very tiny idea from this book as a guest post on a personal development blog, a light to the world, under  the title, “4 Personal Pledges for Success.” The article received so many comments from readers across the world that the blog owner was thanking me profusely months after I wrote the post for him. So many people wished they had the information in the article earlier in their lives. You can click here to read the article and view comments.

Fortunately for me, the period I gave that talk in 2014 coincided with the time I had to battle with one of the greatest challenges I have ever confronted in life. In the course of going through the difficulty, I responded to the tough time the way an average person would, but I knew within me that there is no way I could win if I maintain that default pattern of thinking and mindset. 

Along the line, I discover a new perspective of seeing my problems which eventually assisted me to be mentally tough and keep moving. After a year of experiencing adversity, and battling to stay afloat, I prevailed. After the incident, I was inspired to convert my new empowering way of viewing life and challenges into a comprehensive format that anyone can use. That format is this book (Winning Paradigm for Tough times)

Some of the things that helped me were gotten from the counsels of those who have come before me. I received their counsels by devouring their books. Like Sir Isaac Newton, I say emphatically that “if I have been considered to see far above others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of Giants.”  I am indebted to great authors like, Napoleon Hill, Charles Gordon, Bob Fenster,  Robert schuller, shiv Khera, Robert Colier, Brian Tracy, John Mason, Wallace Wattles, James Allen, Obafemi Awolowo to mention but a few.

This book is a product of lessons learned from revolutionary personal success authors through critical analysis of their works against reality, in addiction to what I learned directly from the school of life, where EXPERIENCE works as a teacher.  This book is therefore a product of my mental labour.

Winning Paradigm for Tough times contains hard truth that you need to know about changing your condition and achieving greatness in life.

Do you currently feel:

*that you are a failure?
*that you cannot amount to anything in life?
*that you are confused of the next step to take?
*that you are scared to act on your idea?
*that you are too old to become what you want to be?
*that you are behind your mates in terms of achievement?
*that life is too hard and unbearable?
*that you should commit suicide?

If you have any of these feelings, this book is a GODSEND to you, it is the answer to your many questions about how to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Why Should You Read This Book?

You need to read this book because it is aimed at helping you to develop the ACHIEVERS MENTALITY about life. In summary, the book would help you to achieve the following:

*Eliminate limiting beliefs
*Develop mental toughness and courage to take action
*Understand life and success principles
*Change how you think
*Overcome self-doubt
*Develop personal leadership skills
*Achieve your goals faster
*And become unstoppable.

How You Can Get a Copy

This book is in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats, you can read it on your ANDROID PHONE, TABLET PC or LAPTOP using adobe reader or ebook reader.
To get a copy send a message to me on whatsapp (08063027629) or send a mail to to request for a copy.

How to Pay For the Book

When I see your order, I will send you my account number; you will transfer or pay the sum of #750 into it. Then get back to me, once I confirm your payment, you will get your copy via email or whatsapp.

The book available on Amazon as Kindle, and Okada books as Epub eBooks respectively.

Meet the Author

Taiwo Emayosanlomo is the author of Winning Paradigm for Tough Times (A Practical Guide to Overcoming the Obstacles to Success.). He is success coach, personal achievement strategist and Motivational speaker. He helps people to live their lives on PURPOSE, grow CONSCIOULY and EXPAND.
 He is the founder of Result Booster Network (RBN), a human potential development organization that promotes CONSCIOUS LIVING as the pathway to maximizing one’s full potential.
Taiwo is the founder of, a personal development blog dedicated to providing success tools for smart people.
He provides powerful information to his audience and motivates them to take action. He engages, empowers and inspires his audience in a way that stirs up the limitless possibilities in them.
He’s a strong believer of this mantra, “WORDS alone are POWERLESS. Only ACTIONS can make a DIFFERENCE.
He’s a trained educator and certified Project manager from University of Benin (UNIBEN) and Project Management Professional Institute (PMPI) respectively.
Taiwo is an ardent reader, a writer, an inspirational blogger, educator, entrepreneur and a public speaker of high pedigree.

Taiwo Emayosanlomo honours speaking invitation from clubs, secondary and higher institutions, organizations, churches and other groups that are interested in his inspirational message(s).


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