5 Things that Make You a Human Being

5 things that make you a human being.

Have you ever considered what differentiate you from the lower animals? You may be thinking that the differences between humans and lower animals are vast; the truth is that the differences are tiny. Scientifically, man is grouped under a subgroup of mammals called primate. Man belongs to the primate family because he shares certain features with the lower animals in that group. Other animals that belong to the primate family include monkey, chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan etc

Generally, all primates have their eyes located in front of their head, they can stand upright, they can grasp things with their hands, they have five fingers, they breastfeed their young ones, and can solve problem.

Our Similarities

We work, animals work too. Animals just like humans hustle to meet their basic needs. Most animals go out to hunt and bring food for their young ones, same applies to humans. Before we became advanced in technology, our ancestors move from place to place to gather fruits and hunt for animals. Our hunting and gathering works  have been replaced by the various sophisticated works we do today.

Animals engage in sexual intercourse, and give birth, humans do the same.

Animals cry when they are confronted with challenges, humans do the same.

Animals move from place to place, humans do the same.

Animals care for their family members, humans do the same.

The physiological make up of most mammals and humans are related, animals have head, ears, eyes, teeth, legs, stomach, alimentary canal, brain etc, and humans share the same physiological features.

Animals in Human Skin

Most times when I observe some people, all I see is animals in human skin. You may say that's insulting, I am sorry. We call things what they are, based on their nature. It is wrong to call  pepper  tomato, just as it wrong to call a human being that demonstrates the behavior of a gorilla, a normal human being. Calling them animal in human skin is not an insult, it is their state of existence.

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In my observation, you are not a human being because you can eat, wear good clothes, smile, eat and drink, have sex, etc.  Here are what make you a human being .

1. Ability to Think: Do you think? One unique trait that differentiates humans from a chimpanzee is the ability to think and solve complex problem. How do you handle your problem? If you still believe that forces outside your control are responsible for your results, then you have lost that part of your humanity.Real humans believe in cause and effect. They know everything happens for a reason. They don't blame anyone, including Satan and God for their woes. They simply accept total responsibility for their lives. They use the greatest asset (their brain or mind) given to them by God to solve their problem. They think. Are you thinking?

2. Conscience: Do you have conscience? How active is it? Besides the ability to think and solve complex problem, one other unique trait that makes us humans is conscience. Animals don't have conscience; their life is controlled by mind rules and instinct. Conscience is a person's moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to ones behaviour. It is your sense of right and wrong.  

If you take a close look at what some people do, they seem to lack conscience. What category would you place a lecturer who is meant do train his students in content and character, but end up demanding sex to offer marks to such students? What would you call a forty-five years old man who defiles his 12 years old daughter? What would you call an armed robber who forcefully break into people's house, take their belongings, rape the women and kill their husbands? Cases where people act in a way that shows they lack conscience abound. If you have no sense of right and wrong, you belong to the lower animal kingdom. Your conscience is one of the things that make you a human being.

4. Self-control: Animals generally lacks self-control. They have sex anywhere, eat anywhere, shout anywhere, defecate anywhere, display aggression anywhere, and fight anywhere. Interestingly, some people do their things just as the lowers animals do theirs. They lack total self-control. I once heard the story of a youth convention ground that was littered with condoms. People now have sex inside the church and camp grounds.

Humans have the ability to control the thought they think, their emotions and the actions they take. Lack of self-control shows that you are an animal in human skin.

5. Ability to create: Man's ability to think and solve complex problems positions him to be a co-creator with God. Lower animal can create to an extent, birds weave their nest, termites build termites nest, and chimpanzees build their beds, called nests in tree canopies using branches that they harvest from specific tree species. They can do all that with the aid of their instinct.

Man unlike animals has creative imagination. They have the power to alter their lives and their environment. Animals have remained the way they were created by God since the beginning of time. It would amaze you to know that man began on the same plane of existence like every lower animal such as tiger, lion, chimpanzee, orangutan, and so on. History has revealed that the early man leaved in caves, which is not different from the lifestyles of the apes. They ate edible fruits, and cloth themselves with leaves, and sometimes animal skin, the same man that put on sophisticated suit, and feed on well cooked, and highly processed food today .In the days of the early man, no thinking being would ever be able to come to terms with the possibility of the human race to have arrived at today’s technological development, and civilization, but yet the potential to attain this progress was lying dormant in the early man. Though man began on the same pedestal with other lower animals, today man has changed his habitat, developed writing skill, wholesome culture, and great technology. By physical strength man is not as powerful as a lion, but he has developed the capacity to tame the king of the jungle-lion, he has tamed all the powerful animals, and uses them as relaxation and entertainment tools. This is evident in all the game reserve parks we have across the world. All these are possible for man because of his ABILITY TO CREATE.

If you look at yourself and write yourself off and conclude that you cannot amount to anything. It means you have lost your power to create and design the life you want. Like the lower animals you have relegated yourself to the back-sit of life. Only animals remain static in terms of achievement. If you have being at the same spot for long, then you are gradually becoming an endangered species. The good news is that you can take back your place by changing your thinking. Stop acting like animals and embrace your humanity. Your brain is the greatest and most powerful tool given to you by your creator. Use it.

William James, one of the greatest psychologists and philosophers who have passed through this planet said, “The greatest revolution is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives."

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