How to Know You Are Ready for Success

Signs you are ready for success

“If horses were wishes, beggars would ride.”
----English Proverb

Most often, we want to achieve something great with our lives, but in reality we observe that nothing is changing or happening despite our desire to succeed. If you desire success and success is not forth coming, it means you are not ready for success.
Success don't come by mere desire or wishful thinking, it is a product of taking action in the direction of your goal.

How do you know you are ready for success? Before the turning point that would launch you into success, procrastination would be a dominant habit in your life. Giving excuses would be a normal thing.You would lack confidence in yourself and care so much about what people think or say about you. You would focus more on your problems than their solutions and your watchword would be “I can't.”

However, when you reach the TURNING POINT that would mark transformation in your life, there would suddenly be a change in your behavior and habit. At this point, you would be become a new person, adopt new mindset, and attitude that would make you unstoppable. You will know from within, that you are ready to break out of your COMFORT ZONE.

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Some signs that show you are ready for success include the following:

You start telling yourself that you can't afford to remain at the same spot anymore. Like the four lepers at the gate of Samaria, you begin to ask yourself, why sit here till I die?

You no longer care about what people think or say about you, as soon as you know that the implementation of your idea or project won't constitute nuisance to those around you and the society at large.

You resolve, and accept to go through every pain, suffering, criticism, and develop every skill you will need in order to make your dream a reality.

You stop listening to the scorners, naysayers and those voices in your head that says you can't.

You stop saying you will do it later. You now adopt the do it now mentality.

You start taking action in the direction of your goals. Before now, all you have is wishes. You now realize that mere wishes cannot change your life. You start taking deliberate actions in the direction of your goal.

At last, you are now ready to experience a new DAWN in your life. Keep doing those things that show you are ready to succeed, with time you will experience a great turn around in your life.

Are you ready for success?

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