20 Inspirational Quotes on Hard Work That Will Propel You to Work Hard

Hard work inspirational quotes

In a post I wrote last year, titled: 5 things you need to succeed in the real world as Nigerian graduate, I took time to write about the role of hard work in becoming successful in life. On hard work, I wrote the following:

“In all of human history, hard work has been a critical tool of success. Nothing can replace it. For you to survive and excel in the real world, you need an unwavering ability to take action, and persevere until you succeed. Most persons fail in life due to idleness. If you want to be poor all you need to do is be idle, and before you know it, poverty will overtake you. A wise man once said that “where talent is lazy, hard work overtakes it”. No matter how knowledgeable, gifted and talented you are, if you refuse to be hard working, you will definitely be a failure. Always have it in mind that hard work is the only way. And never forget to always blend your hard work with strategic planning and persistence. Hard work combined in this manner will produce success.
---Taiwo Emayosanlomo, Success coach, Inspirational speaker and blogger at www.taiwoemayosan.com

Now let‘s see what some great thinkers and achievers across the world have to say about the role of hard work in attaining success in life.

1. “When you LIVE for a STRONG PURPOSE, then HARD WORK isn’t an option. It is a NECESSITY.”
---Steve Pavlina

2. “There is no substitute for HARD WORK.”
--- Thomas Edison

3. “SUCCESS is the RESULT of perfection, HARD WORK, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.”
--- Collin Powell

4. “HARD WORK does not necessarily guarantee success, but no SUCCESS is possible without HARD WORK.”
---Dr T.P Chia

5. “If HARD WORK is your weapon, SUCCESS will be your SLAVE.”
--- Anonymous

6. “Without HARD WORK, nothing grows but WEEDS.”
--- Gordon B. Hinckley

7. “I find that the HARDER I WORK, the more LUCK I seem to have.”
---Thomas Edison

8. “Some people WANT IT to happen, some WISH IT would happen, others MAKE IT happen.”
--- Michael Jordan

9. “A DREAM doesn’t become REALITY through MAGIC; it takes SWEAT, DETERMINATION, and HARD WORK.”
---Collin Powell

10. “GENIUS is 1% TALENT, and 99 Percent HARD WORK.”
--- Albert Einstein

11. “All growth depends upon ACTIVITY. There no development physically or intellectually without EFFORT, and EFFORT means WORK.”
---Calvin Coolidge

12. “STRIVING for SUCCESS without HARD WORK is like trying to HARVEST where you haven’t PLANTED.”
--- David Bly

13. “HARD WORK beats TALENT, when talent doesn’t WORK”
--- Anonymous

14. “I hate every minute of TRAINING, but I said DON’T QUIT. SUFFER NOW and LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AS CHAMPION.”
---Muhammad Ali

15. “WORKING HARD is very IMPORTANT, you are not going to get anywhere without WORKING HARD.”
---George Lucas

16. “I BELIEVE in work, HARD WORK, and long hours of work. MEN do not BREAKDOWN from OVERWORK, but from WORRY and DISSIPATION”
--- Charles Evans Hughes

17. “Nobody ever DROWNED in his own SWEAT.”
--- Ann Landers

18. “The only place SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the DICTIONARY.”
--- Vince Lombard

19. “I do not know anyone who has got to the TOP without HARD WORK. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top, but should get you pretty NEAR.”
--- Margaret Thatcher

20. “Things may come to those who WAIT, but only the things left by those who HUSTLE.”
---Abraham Lincoln
Do you have a dream? Have you started working to make it come true? If you don’t have a dream, get one. It is never too late to become what you might have being. Get yourself a dream, set goals, and start working on them. Always have it in mind that, if you keep working hard, and refuse to give up, one day, your hard work will pay off.

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Over to You
Which of these quotes inspires you the most?  I know you definitely have one or two that really get you inspired. Take just five minutes to write them in your journal, and read it to yourself every day, to remind yourself why you need to keep working hard.

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