6 Article Idea Sources for Personal Development Bloggers

Blog post ideas for personal development bloggers
Personal development bloggers are influencers.

Personal development according Business dictionary “is the process of improving oneself through such activities as enhancing employment skills, increasing consciousness and building wealth.”

 Personal development bloggers are individuals whose blog focuses on helping others, basically their audience/readers to improve themselves, develop and maximize their potentials, set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, rise above difficulties, and to develop their personality.

Personal development bloggers help their readers to achieve total development in such areas as physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspect of life by sharing quality information with them.

The object of this article is to expose the sources via which personal development bloggers can get ideas for blog post that will help their audience in meeting their personal development needs.

The following are article idea sources for personal development bloggers.

1. Personal Experience

One of the key factors that inspire most personal development bloggers to start their personal development blog is their personal experiences. Most often, they are individuals who have experienced one life difficulty or the other and have been able to overcome their challenges. The suffering they went through helped them to develop virtues such as compassion, empathy, understanding, and willingness to help other to rise above their difficulties.

For this reason, personal experience is one of the major sources of article topics for personal development blogger. They share their challenges directly and indirectly with their readers, and provide possible solutions to those problems, most often, the ones they have applied, and which have worked for them. They do this to assist readers who may be going through same problem.

As a personal development blogger, always take time to reflect over your life, take note of your experiences, your challenges, your failures and victories. Your personal experience generally can be harnessed to create inspiring and rich content for your blog

2. Evaluated Experience

 I read a book some years ago where the author said, “experience is not the best teacher, but evaluated experience is.” The reason is because we over learn from experience. Evaluated experience is an experience you derive from studying the life of other people. It is the lesson you draw from the mistake of others.

To harness the opportunities that are available in evaluated experience, you must be a type of person who pay attention to details, and one who is a good observer.

As a personal development blogger, evaluated experience can serve as a rich source of article idea for your blog. Personally I have loads of topics to write on which I got as a result of studying the people and the events around me.

3. Motivational and Self-help book

I think I am right if I say “readers are writers” just as “readers are leaders.” Most personal development bloggers get article topics from motivational and self-help book. By this, I don’t mean plagiarism. In the course of reading, a personal development blogger can easily process the information he obtains in a self-help book and convert it to life lessons that will be useful to his readers. I have gotten series of topics that way.

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4. Trending News

Personal development bloggers can take advantage of trending news to get the next article topic for their blog. It is certain that not all trending news is useful to a personal development blogger, but there are some that they can leverage on. For example, the announcement of the death of global icons such as Nelson Mandela, and Muhammad Ali can be used by personal development bloggers to create compelling post for their blogs. These are individuals who have done so much to advance human civilization, so personal development bloggers can use any aspect of these people’s lives while they were alive to create great content for their blog. Examples of such topics include: 8 lessons you can learn from Muhammad Ali, Top 50 Muhammad Ali’s quotes and so on.

Whatever is the case, as a personal development blogger, you can always leverage on trending news to create contents that are related to your blog subject for your readers. Trending News is a great source of article topic for personal development blog.

5. Inspiration

 Personally, most of my topics come via inspiration. For example I may be in the bathroom bathing, and topics will start flying across my mind. Sometimes it may be while I am working across the street, or just sitting idle. For example the idea for this article came while I was in the church. I also want to believe that so many personal development bloggers get article ideas via this means. As for me I have gotten loads of topics via inspiration.

blog post idea sources for personal development bloggers

6. Personal Development BlogsS

 Reading topics and contents written by other bloggers in your niche can provide you with loads of topics to write on. Sometimes you can be inspired to write on some areas you feel the writer didn’t cover. Also, the article topic can assist you in generating a new topic for yourself, sometimes, it may be a counter topic to what the blogger wrote about. For example, somebody wrote “10 Reasons you should never get a job”, if you are the type that believe in paid employment you can be inspired to write “10 reasons you should be an employee.”

The bottom-line remains that taking time to read content written by other bloggers can help you in getting article topics for your next blog post.

Over to you

Which of these article idea sources have you used  to develop content for your blog in the past ? What other sources do you get article idea from? Feel free to share your feedback via the comment section.

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