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stand out in the crowd
You are born an original, don't die a copy
I want to assume you have been told at one point or the other in your life that imitating others is not good. Yeah, it is not a good thing to imitate others. In John Mason’s word, "imitation is limitation."

I know as humans, we are predisposed to the tendency of imitating others due to the way we learn. However, studies have shown that the way to standing out from the crowd is by being original.

The object of this article is not to encourage you to copy or imitate others, but rather to show you how you can learn and draw inspiration from those you admire while maintaining your originality.

Within the short time I have spent here on earth, I have seen people made the foolish mistake of copying other people, especially their role models or people they admire. There are some people that by the way they talk, dress and do certain things you don’t need a seer to tell you who they are copying. By simple observation, it will become obvious to you that they are the photocopy of somebody you already know.

This mistake is very common in the religion and entertainment world. In Christianity for instance, when you hear most deeper life church pastors preach, you can easily predict that they are from Deeper Life Bible Church ‘cause of how they imitate the manner of speaking of their senior pastor. Most of them dress the way he dresses. So anytime they go out to preach, everything they do is only a reminder of the existence of their general overseer, pastor W.F Kumuyi. This is also true for Christ embassy, as you will see young pastors perm their hair, and sometimes bleach their skin just to look like pastor Chris Oyakhilome, their general overseer. They speak and gesticulate the way he does when he preaches. If you go to Oyedepo’s Winners, and Adeboye’s Redeem you will see thousands of people making this same silly mistake.

Also, if you take a look at the entertainment world, you will see that some established and upcoming artists are carbon copies of the artist they admire in the industry. If their role model has a tattoo on his body, they too will draw a tattoo on their own body, they mime, sing and do virtually everything the way their role model does it. Anytime you see them perform, their performance is only a reminder of the existence of the people or artist they are imitating. Let me give you two examples. If you observe most of the dancing steps of Paul and Peter of Psquare, you will realize that they only remind you of Michael Jackson’s dancing steps. Olamide Badoo’s pattern of singing reminds you of Dagrin.

There are some African artist that don’t only imitate and copy American artists, they also foolishly name their brand after such popular icons. This reminds me of a Nigerian female gospel singer who called herself African Celidion. Back then in school, there was a guy who could do virtually all Michael Jackson’s dancing steps, he named his brand African Micheal Jackson. There was another Nigerian artist who called himself African Bow wow.

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The truth is this, we already know Michael Jackson, we already know Celidion, we also know bow wow, but who are you? You need to create your own unique brand. Never name your brand after any global icon because you too can create a global brand.

You are born an original don’t die a copy

One thing you must realize is that among the over six billion people in the world, no one is exactly like you. You are unique. To copy others is to bury your uniqueness and originality. By now you will probably be asking about how you can liberate yourself from this dreadful disease of imitating others, and how you can stand out of the crowd.


  • Don’t imitate or copy them, learn and draw inspiration from them

learn and draw inspiration from the people you admire

If you really admire a person or you see the person as a role model, the best you can do is to learn from them, not copying them. Take time to study things that motivate them, the way they think, their daily habit, how they have been able to carve a niche for themselves, how they behave during tough times, how they created their own brand, the things they value, and principles that made them succeed.

The person you admire and trying to learn from does not necessarily need to be in your field, but you can always apply the principles that helped him to succeed in your own area of endeavour and stand out from the crowd in your own field. Taking this approach will save you from the ocean of imitation which majority of ignorant and foolish people have dissolved and perished in. Learning from the people you admire will provide you the great opportunity of drawing inspiration from them. With the inspiration and lessons, you can create your own unique brand.

  • Be different

stand out, don't blend in

It has been said that extraordinary people don’t do different things, but they do ordinary things differently. Not imitating others does not mean you shouldn’t do what others are already doing; it means you shouldn’t do things the way others are doing it.

Everybody sings but Michael Jackson’s way of singing is unique

What about Asa, Lagbaja, Fela Anikulapo kuti and so on. When you think of these music icons, nobody else come to mind, except their photocopies (those who are copying them). That is what standing out is. The best a photocopy can do is to announce the arrival of the original.

There are boxers, but Muhammad Ali is unique. He created a brand for himself that made him stand out.

Take your time to consider other global icons that have carved a niche for their selves.

The truth is that you too can stand out; all you need to do is to discover what is unique about you. Don’t imitate or copy others. Learn and draw inspiration from those you admire. Create your own unique brand, be original, stand out of the crowd, be persistent, and one day the world will notice you.

Quotes worth remembering

  • Imitation is limitation

  • You are born an original, don’t die a copy

  • The best a photocopy can do is to announce the arrival of the original.

  • Extraordinary people don’t do different things, they do ordinary things differently.

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