A comparison Between Time and Money

The differences and similarities between time and money
Time is money
 You must have heard the popular saying which says “time is money.” Yeah, time and money are valuable assets to human existence; however each of them has their unique nature. They are similar in some aspect and different in some aspect too.

The aim of this article is to describe vividly the nature of time and money, with proper emphasis on the differences and similarities between time and money.

Time is a gift of nature. You don’t need to make any effort to earn it. It is freely given. Everyone whether young or old, poor or rich, short or tall, male or female is given same amount of time every day. We all have 24 hours to ourselves every day. No one has more, and no one has less.

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Money on the other hand is not a gift of nature; it is a medium of exchange. If you must have money, then you have to earn it. Money is earned by providing solutions to the problems of those around you. The more and valuable the solution your offer to people’s problem the more money you make. Unlike time, you can have more money than your neighbours. It all depends on how hard working you are, and the amount of money people are willing to offer you for the problem you solve.

On the use of time and money, you are to decide what to do with your time and money. Though time is freely given by nature, you are not under compulsion to use it in a certain way. You are free to invest it by using it wisely, or waste it; the choice is always in your hand. Nature does not care if you wasted the 24 hours given to you yesterday. She is so gracious and magnanimous, that in the next day, you will be given another fresh 24 hours. You waste your time when you spend it on doing things that neither adds values to neither your life nor the life of others. Time is invested when you spend it on doing things that will add value to you and the life others; things that will bring you gains and benefits in the future.

the relationship between time and money
You are to decide what to do with your time and money

Just like time, you are to decide how to spend your money. Money is either spent on asset or liability. You spend money on asset when you invest your money on things or projects that will bring you more money in the future. You spend your money on liability when you use it to buy things that make you spend more money. Asset is defined by Robert Kiyosaki, the co-author of rich dad poor dad as “anything that put money into your pocket,” while liability according to him is defined as “anything that takes money out of your pocket.” So no matter how appealing a thing is, if it takes money out of your pocket, it is a liability.

Time and money enhances each other. Time is needed to make money. In fact time is life’s currency via which you can achieve anything you want. A success expert once said, “No goal is unachievable. Our only limitation is time.” With time on your side, you can work and make more money.

Money on the hand can enable you to have more time for yourself. This does not mean that you can buy more time for yourself with money, No. What money does is this; with money, you can pay people (buy people's time) to do certain job or task that you would have spent your time doing. And by doing so, you can use your own time to do what you really want to do, or things that gives you pleasure. You can spend time on things that are important you. Without money you can’t do that, you will have to do virtually everything yourself, which will ultimately slow you down.

Time is limited, money is not. The duration of human existence is measure in time. The time of our existence begins to tick the moment we are born into this world. We are in a race with time. Time is swift, and consistent. It does not get tired; neither does it wait for any man. We end our race with time at the moment of death. Time is limited; everyone is given only 24 hours per day. In life once a time is spent or experienced, whether in productive or useless activity, it can never be regained. You can never be 20 and go back to be 15. Time lost can never be regained.

Money on the other hand is not limited. You can make as much money as you can; it depends on your earning ability. Money lost can be regained. You can fail severally in business, and through persistence recover all your losses by adopting better way of doing things, or by going into a more profitable business.

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