15 Motivational Personal Affirmations that Will Help You to Stay Motivated as You Chase Your Dream

personal affirmations to stay motivated

I wrote these affirmations two years ago to help me stay motivated on my life journey. I wrote them based on the truth about life that resonates with me. If you find the affirmations inspiring you may adopt them. However you may not agree with some, in such case try to modify it to fit your own belief and situation. I have decided to share it on this blog because I believe it will be of help to somebody and you may actually be the one.

Now let’s go there!

In the course of my search for truth and reality about the human nature and life as whole. I have realized these facts about myself, as a member of the human race.

 That I have all that it takes to pursue my dreams and goals and achieve them

 That I have great analytical ability and infinite imagination to solve all the problems that may confront me as I advance to reach my goal.

 That my fears are not real. Due to this I will henceforth do the things I fear.

 That I can’t fold my hands and expect miracles to happen. I will henceforth work and pay in advance for whatever I want to achieve or have.

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 That if I must succeed in the pursuit of my dream. I must focus on my desired result, and persist in relevant action until it becomes a reality.

 That no matter how high and great my dreams and goals are, that I must begin somewhere. Therefore, I refused to be ashamed of my little beginning.

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 That my thoughts and actions are the two life great giants that mode and shape my destiny, I will henceforth concentrate my thoughts and actions on only the reality I desire.

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 That my success in life depends largely not on the things that happen to me, but on how I react or handle the things that happen to me. I will henceforth convert all life events both positive and negative to opportunities or tools that will serve my good.

 That I cannot succeed in isolation, but with the network of like-minded individuals, and successful people, I will henceforth make all efforts to create conscious relationships that will serve my good

 That all problems have at least one solution, I will henceforth work out the solutions to my numerous problems.

 That I have more potential and latent capacity that I could ever use, I will henceforth stretch my potentials until they cry for help.

 That whatever the mind can see it can achieve, I will henceforth stretch my imagination to dream big dreams, for I know that if I can see it, I can achieve it.

 That negative emotions such as anger, fear, worry, anxiety, despair, shame, guilt, jealousy, etc are destructive to my well being, both physical and mental, I will henceforth not entertain them when they come visiting, instead I will embrace love, hope, joy, faith, courage and all positive thoughts and emotions that will serve my good.

 That my destiny is in my own hand. I will henceforth not going to regard any form of jest, insult, criticism, and belittling that may be passed at me in the course of advancing to reach my goal. I will take 100% responsibility for my life.

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 That I am the only type of my kind in history, and in the whole world currently. I will henceforth celebrate my uniqueness and originality. I will let my light shine.

Signed: Taiwo Emayosanlomo

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