4 Ways You Can Improve Your Life Using the Internet

internet and self-improvement
 The emergence of the internet has brought about the creation of a new world which is loaded with diverse opportunity which never existed before its creation. Life has been made easier due to the invention of the internet.
However, a lot of persons that currently use the internet have not come to the point where they can make maximum use of the opportunities offered by it.
Most of the youths that inhabit Africa know nothing beyond chatting on social networks such as facebook, 2go, whatsapp and so on. Some think that’s all the internet has to offer, but that is not true. The truth is that with the internet, you can now improve your life tremendously, make money, and build relationship. You can advance your life using the internet in the following ways.

1.               EDUCATION: the invention of the internet has brought a shift in the way we acquire education. In the past, people may be forgiven if they give excuse for not having money to acquire formal education, but now, it is no more so. Education has moved beyond the classroom. You can learn any subject now provided you are connected to the internet. Ignorance is no more an excuse. As far as the internet is concerned, everybody in the world that has access to it is on the same page. It is so because if I type the word "metaphysics" into google, the same information I will get here in Nigeria is what anyone in the world will get. With the internet, you can now acquire all the information you need to move your life to the next level. I know a consultant who was a trained medical doctor, but now works as a consultant in a totally different field, he left medicine completely. He said in one of his seminars that everything he learned about micro finance, he learned them on his own through critical research on the internet. Like the case of this consultant, the internet today provides the opportunity to learn any subject of your choice and broaden the horizon of your knowledge in areas that are critical to your total development as a member of the human race. I have learned and discovered so many things as a result of taking advantage of this big opportunity which the internet provides,  this might have been impossible should the internet doesn’t exist.

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2.               WEALTH CREATION: if there is any time in history where it was easy to make money, there is none like this internet age. People can now become millionaire at a very young age,  practical examples of these people are the like s of mark zukerberg of facebook, Larry page and Sergey brin  of google, Linder Ikeji, a Nigerian blogger , Bill gates of Microsoft and other tech gurus across the world. Apart from making money offline, the internet has provided a lot of opportunities for people to make money through it. If you don’t have a stream of income yet on the internet, I urge you to create one. Some of the ways people make money online currently include blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance services, article writing, buying and selling of domain name etc. To make money through any of these systems you can carry out research on the internet on how you can earn money through these means, and see how you can take advantage of them. You can now increase your income, and build a life time wealth by taking advantage of the internet. Gone are the days when your presence at work is proportional to how much you earn, through the internet you can make money while sleeping in as much as you have set up a money making system on it.

3.               BUSINESS: since the emergence of the internet, the way we do business has never remain the same. You can now create a business that does not require you to see your customers one on one before transaction can take place. For example, If I need a digital camera, I can just log on to aliexpress.com, search for the one I can afford, pay for it with my credit card and get it shipped down to Nigeria without having to meet the seller personally. You can now use the internet to take your business round the world. The internet is the single technology that has made the world a global village. Whatever you produce now, whether song, book, agricultural products etc, all can now be marketed to people in every part of the world. If your business is till restricted to the offline community, it is high time you extended it to the internet in order to fast track your sales and become more visible to your potential buyers everywhere in the world. All you need to achieve this is a good website.

4.               RELATIONSHIP: I remember  those days when one would need to write letter in order to reach out to loved ones. Most of the time, it takes days, even weeks for such letter to get delivered, and it would take another few days before one can get a reply, but things has changed now. Indeed the world has become a global village; one can now chat and connect with friends in any part of the world at the speed of light. Since I finished from high school, I have not seen most of my classmates one on one, but I can always communicate with any of them when I want to.The internet made it possible. With the internet, you can now build fantastic relationships that will serve your course later in the future. Even men who are shy can now woo ladies on the internet, and the truth is that a lot of persons have gotten their wives and husbands by this means. Whatever you need a relationship for; you can now connect with people online. It is one of the beauties of the internet, and you can use it to advance your life.  

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  1. entertainment, news and keeping up to date with many things is something else you find on the internet with ease!!

    1. Hi Rosy, you are right. Thanks for your contribution.