What Nobody has said About Olajumoke; the Bread Seller Turned Supermodel

Recently the news of Olajumoke Orisaguna the bread seller who turned a supermodel by what I call the intervention of providence has gone viral. People have made different  comments about her sudden  rise to fame and some are even praying and wishing that providence; the universe or God should bring such luck their way. Some have even taken their time to analyze and come up with the lessons that can be learnt in her story, BUT THERE IS ONE THING NOBODY HAS SAID,
AND THAT IS LACK OF SELF-DISCOVERY: THE FACT THAT OLAJUMOKE DID NOT DISCOVER HERSELF. The supermodel in her had always being there, but it is an aspect of her life she has never discovered until she was discovered by the world. Like the foolish man who sold his acres of diamond and went in search of diamond in a distant land in Russel Conwell’s book; acres of diamond, she ignorantly refuses to take a look at what she has within her, but end up selling bread to survive and take care of her belly. If she had discovered the supermodel in her, she would have developed herself, and promote her look and ended up being celebrated if possible before the day she was found. That is the path that most great supermodels took.

To you who are praying that providence should grant you the kind of luck that came the way of olajumoke, stop praying such prayer, discover yourself, develop yourself and market yourself, the world is waiting for you.

 Tuface Idibia did it, Micheal Jackson did it , Cristiano Ronaldo did it, Psqare did, Agbani Darigo did it, I know you know more celebrities than I do. These folks, by the power of self-discovery and personal development blended their UNIQUENESS with determination and persistence which does not recognize failure, they work their way to relevance.
There are many olajumoke in different areas of human endeavor today, who are rotting away somewhere living just to survive. Their biggest problem is mostly ignorance. Discover yourself and do something great with your life.