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“ Compared to what we ought to be, we are only half-awake, our fires are dampened and our drafts are checked, we are only making use of a small part of our physical and mental resources." William James, notable American philosopher and Psychologist.

“Nobody and not even you can tell what you can do until you do it."- Ralf waldo Emerson,American poet, essayist, lecturer and  philosopher.

If you take your time to observe the way people live their lives, you will find out that most people are living an average life. They wake up like every other person,  go to work in the morning and come back in the evening, take their dinner, watch some programs on the television, and later go to bed. The following day, they repeat the same process and this they do for so many years, if possible for the whole of their lives.

That is what Charles Gordon called  “circular living” in his book titled: "when the going gets tough the tough get creative." The young generations are not taught to do something different either. Their minds are programmed with the idea of go to school, get good grades, get great job, get married, have children, train your own kids and so on. Their minds are programmed to repeat the errors of their parents, and the majority of this young folks end up in the same rat race their parents died in. Their minds are programmed to live like every other person.

“If you accept the philosophy of a man which is the rationalization for  his own failure,” said a great author, “then you are a failure.”

I have written this post to discourage you from settling down for an average life. To inspire you to explore all the resources at your disposal, harness them, and make conscious effort to convert them  into valuable services to serve mankind and be rewarded accordingly.

Check this out:

Michael Jackson-Music

Gani Fahinmi-Human right

Mohammed Ali- Boxing

Nelson Mandela-Human right

Jesus Christ –Salvation of humanity

Kanu Nwankwo-Football

Lionel Messi- Football

Sam adeyemi- Human potential development

Don jazzy- Music

Wole Soyinka-  poetry, drama and writing.

Your name- ?

The content of the list above was selected randomly as I type on my computer. I am persuaded that you can make a better list of this kind. Here comes the big question, what is common among the people on this list?

One thing that is common among them is that, they don’t do what the majority do; settling down to work for a company to earn a living for the whole of their life. They found what they are passionate about, they do what they love doing, put in their best efforts and consequently became great and end up being heroes to the poor souls who consciously or  unconsciously chose to live like every other person. At the beginning of their career many of them were seen as mad men, but as they progress and persist, their choice to live a great life started yielding results. They did not only become rich, they also ended up etching their names on the sand of time. Even young kids are familiar with their names.

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On the other Side of the divide are people who struggle to live a secured  life, they live according to the dictate of the society, they work hard to measure up with social expectation, they ended up becoming everybody and consequently ended up as nobody.  They are afraid of what people will say, and the possibility of failing. They are unwilling to risk their life doing the uncommon. In the course of trying to save their own life, they lost it to mediocrity.

I keep asking this question, “are you satisfied with the way things are in your life?” If you are not then you need to change your thinking and do things differently. Do you know that you have no excuse to fail? Do you know that you have vast resources at your disposal to become somebody in your life time? The truth is that most people fail in life because of their ignorance of the unlimited potential they have to live a great life. That you can read this post and comprehend it is a proof of the fact that you are too loaded to fail. It means you have the capacity to learn everything you need to know in order to become the person you want to be.

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Resources at your disposal

Everything you need to be great is within you, all you need to do is to discover, and harness them to position yourself for greatness. It is my opinion that everybody has all that it takes to live a great life. But most often these potentials are things we take for granted, we feel they don’t count. The wise ones among us take them seriously, develop them and make themselves heroes.

Some of the resources at your disposal which you can harness for greatness include:

1.Physical appearance:  Have you ever considered your look? Are you handsome or ugly, tall or short, fat or thin, whatever way you look, it can bring you greatness if you can properly harness it. When you combine your look with other abilities that you have and do worthwile things that you love doing, it can bring you greatness, consider Aki and pawpaw whose real names are Chinedu ikedieze and Osita Iheme, people love them for their shortness and comedy. Ramsey Nouah is another notable nollywood actor, people love him for acting and his handsomeness. There are so many persons across the world who are earning millions of naira just because of their look. These people harness their beauty to become supermodels and brand ambassadors to big organizations. They use their physical appearance to promote the company’s brand. There is greatness in how you look, your job is to discover that greatness and harness it. How can you harness your physical look for greatness today? Think about it.

2. Talents, Abilities and Interests: One question I often ask people is “what are your talents, abilities and interests?” Just as I wrote earlier, everything you need to succeed in life is within you. They are encoded in your talents, abilities and interest and the things that are important to you in life. Find out at least three things you are good at doing, it may be singing, encouraging people, writing, dancing, participating in certain sport such as climbing, dancing, running,jumping etc
and things that are important to you such as human right, chastity, protecting animals, justice, helping people to build healthy relationship, motivating people and so on. Choose the one that you are most passionate about, develop yourself in that area. Practice as much as you can, determine to be an expert in that area and study how to make money doing it. Devote your time to doing it, over time the world will start celebrating you for that. That is what the heroes did, that brought them greatness.  YOU ONLY NEED TO BE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL IN ONE AREA OF HUMAN ENDEAVOUR TO BE GREAT.

3.Mind/Brain Power: The brain is the greatest gift God bestowed on man. The brain of man generally is unique and has the capacity to solve complex problems. Man started on the same plain with every other lower animal, but today man has outlived them in terms of achievement and advancement. Man has created civilization, built powerful structures, invented computer, and commerce to mention but a few. Other animals still remain where they have been. You can replicate the kind of advancement man has achieved over the years in your own personal life by creating the kind of life you want to live irrespective of your current circumstances, using the power of your mind. If you have always been frustrated and fed up of life, it is probably because you have not being using the power of your mind or you have been using it the wrong way. Your body is just like a car, your mind or brain is the driver that is driving it. If the driver is not doing the right thing, then the car can easily move to an undesired direction or hit an obstacle and get damaged. You are where you don’t want to be because you have not harness the power of your mind. I KNOW ONE THING FOR SURE THAT IF A MAN DOES NOT MAKE USE OF HIS BRAIN, HE’S NOT BETTER THAN THE LOWER ANIMALS. Our brain as humans is one of unique elements that differentiate us from the lower animals.  Take time to study how the mind works, and harness its power to your own advantage. Nobody can rise above the quality of his thoughts.

4. Spirituality: Another aspect of your life you need to harness is your spirituality. By this I don’t mean the pursuit of religion. The universe is spiritual in nature and you need to be aware of how it works. You probably have heard the popular saying that “the spiritual controls the physical.” There is no lie in the assertion, it is a fact. One of the greatest gifts of man is his spiritual nature. Man is a spirit; he has a soul and live in a body. To harness the spiritual part of you, you need to understand the natural and spiritual laws which govern the universe, your spiritual nature as man and harness them to your advantage.
Above all REFUSE TO ACCEPT ANY FORM OF EXCUSE AS A REASON TO LIVE A MEDIOCRE LIFE. Strive hard to be the best. Harness all your physical, mental and spiritual resources. Be determined and never give in to discouragement. Be willing to fail over and over again. As you do all these, one day you will become relevant to your world.

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 I want to believe that you have learned something from this post. Please feel free to post your comment via the comment box below.