The Mystery of Money

The secret of financial prosperity
Money has no mystery, it is simply a medium of exchange

If there is anything we all need and desire in this life, money is one of them. Have you ever considered why some people are poor and why others are rich? Are some people destined to be poor and some destined to be rich? Is money just a blessing from God as so many people believe?

The subject of money and its acquisition is very simple. However, due to lack of sound financial education many of us have been mislead. Some of us have come to believe that being rich is a matter of destiny or luck. Some believe money is a blessing from God, and that the materials acquired through it are testimonies. If you hold any of these beliefs, I am not in the position to tell you that you are right or wrong, but I know for sure that when you eventually know the truth, the truth shall set you free from every false belief.

Before money was created, the means via which people exchange value was trade by barter. Trade by barter is a form of trading where people come together to exchange goods for goods. For example, if I have a wall clock, and need a tuber of yam in the dispensation of trade by barter, I will have to go and look for somebody who has tubers of yam and need a wall clock. After several searches, and eventually found someone, I will give him my wall clock, and collect his tuber(s) of yam that is equal to the value of my wall clock. When this eventually takes place, then we say transaction has been carried out.

As time goes on, people observed that trading by barter was not convenient and can be very stressful, therefore, the people agreed to create a general means of exchange, and this idea led to the birth of money.

  According to Philip E. Humbert, PHD, the author of Making Money, Creating wealth: your guide to financial independence, “Money is a fundamental idea-it is a social agreement to exchange value in a convenient way.” Now that money has been created as a legal tender, people no longer need to give me what they have to get what I have. All they need to do is to give me the amount of money that is equal in value to what they intend to get from me, either goods or services. So if I want more money, all I need is to have enough things that people need and will be willing to give their money for. The more things I have which people will be willing to exchange their money for, the higher my earning capacity, and the richer I become.
The only people who will be poor or flat broke in this era are those who do not have value to offer.

 No value to offer = to no money.

The key to making money

To really make money, one thing you need to do is to provide value to people and the money will follow. In making money, the value comes first and the money comes second. This is the simple principle that most people don’t know about money. They think acquisition of money is a rocket science and as a result of this wrong belief they end up doing all sort of evil in their quest for money. They don’t mind taking other people’s money by force, as in the case of stealing or robbery. They cheat others, take bribe, engage in gambling, and commit all sorts of crime. Because this people have refused to take the honest path to wealth, the evil they do will definitely boomerang. It will be only a matter of time before they lose all the money they have acquired in the wrong way.

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Those who see money as a blessing from God ended up going from one mountain to another, praying for financial prosperity. This category of people assume or believe that a random event would happen which will make them a millionaire; the truth is that they are wrong. Many people after taking this path of praying for money still ended up poor. Instead of praying that God should bless you financially, asking for wisdom to create value for people is a better prayer. It will make you rich and make you useful to those around you. I hardly pray that God should bless me with money, because I don’t see money as a blessing. I rather asked God to grant me wisdom and the power to create value. This kind of prayer when answered put me in alignment will the law of money acquisition which states that “the value comes first and the money second.” If I become rich via this means, then my wealth will last long.

Have you taken your time to observe the life of those who are truly rich in your community? If they follow the true path of money acquisition, you will observe that they create a lot of values. For example, Dangote the richest man in Africa as at the time of writing this article has so many values he provides for Nigerians, and other Africans which they are willing to pay for. Among his products are Dangote cement, Dangote salt, Dangote flour, Dangote rice, dangote noddles and so on. Recently he has decided to invest in the oil sector to enable people have easy access to fuel. He provides all these values, and people have to pay for them because they need the values, by so doing, this in turn brings a lot of financial reward to him. Dangote didn’t become a multi-millionaire by chance or luck; he attains the height by following the ultimate law of wealth acquisition. If you want to be as rich as he is, then follow his steps. By this I mean you should provide value to people in your community. That is the key.

In order to reduce the length of this article I have decided to publish the continuation as a single post with the title,Money or Job: Which of the Two Do You Really Need? To read it click on the topic.


  1. Hello mr Taiwo........
    You have written well and said it all, people like you are people who change the world in a twinkle of an eye because they understand and work by the principles of prosperity and life.

    This article made me remember a Facebook post I wrote about a year ago title "The Secret Of Dangote Wealth" which I remember in the article I was hammering "He sells value and found a way the world couldn't ignore him" I said if prayer actually brings money all prayer warriors should be topin the list of world billionaire, but It's so unfortunate we are too spiritual this days and shift our responsibility to God.

  2. Hi bro Ben,
    You have said it all. Thanks for your contribution.

  3. Master T, You have said it all in few words, The higher the value created, The greater the wealth acquisition. Thanks a lot Bro

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  6. I just got to know this, that money is not a blessing from God? Amazing!!!,

  7. I just got to know this, that money is not a blessing from God? Amazing!!!,

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    I am glad to know you just learn something new.