Money or Job : Which of the Two Do You Really Need?

Money vs Job
Getting a job is only one of the ways of making money

This article is a continuation of the my previous post, the mystery of money. You may click to read it first for a better understanding of this post, and if you have read it, let's go there!
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In today’s world virtually 80% of people depend on paid employment to make a living. As a result of this, the problem of unemployment has skyrocketed across the world. I was discussing with a young man lately who complained to me how flat broke he was. I tried to find out why he was so broke, and the answer he gave was that he had no job
 I further asked him why he feels so, and he said if he had a job, he would earn salary, which will help him in solving his money related problems.
From our conversation I concluded that his reason for being broke is not because he doesn't have a job, he was broke because he  lack the capacity or skill to solve the problem of the people around him. I  have observed that most young graduates and so many people within the working population are of the same mindset with the young man I chatted with. They believe they needed a paid employment to make a living, but they are wrong. People with this mindset keep writing CV and moving from one organization to another in a bid to get a job to earn salary. If the job didn’t show up, they become broke and start blaming the government and everything around them as the reason for their lack of money. If you are of this mindset, you are not poor because of a bad economy, you are poor because you lack financial education. The truth is that, what you don’t know is more powerful than you.

Let me put it straight, you don’t necessarily need to work for an organization to earn money. Working for an organization is only one of the many ways to earn money. When you work for a company, they don’t pay you because you are working for them, they pay you because of the value you are giving them, and the day you become incapable of giving the value, they will show you the way out of their organization. You are paid by the company you are working for, only for your time and what you can do for them (your skill).
Now, if a company does not hire you, there are other people out there who need one thing or the other which if you can provide, you will get paid. You can create your own job by studying the needs of people in your environment and coming up with solutions to meet their needs and solve their problems. The company you are seeking to work for makes money by solving people's problem. You too can set up your own mini-company and make money. For example, any time my hair is bushy; I have no choice but to visit a barbing salon just to have a nice hair-cut. When the barber is done with his job, I have no choice but to give him #200 for his service. A lot of people visit his shop on daily basis to get bushy hair off their head, and as result, he makes money.

If you are reading this article and currently have no job, I want you to know that the fact that you are unemployed or underemployed is not as a result of the witches and wizards in your village. The  reason is because you are ignorant, lazy, proud or have no skill.

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In making money all you need is skill or knowledge and a burning desire. Your skill is your earning ability. It is one thing you can always improve on. If you don’t have the skill you desire now, you can go and learn from experts. That is the good news.

According to Brian Tracy, “you can learn anything you needed to achieve any goal you can set for yourself.” Lack of skill is not an excuse. To become rich, all you need is to provide solution to a problem that many people have, by so doing, you create for them solutions or benefits which they will be willing to pay for. You can solve people’s problem in two ways, one by giving them what they want and second, by removing what they don’t want, in either case they will be willing to pay you for your service.
Always have in mind that we are in the 21st century, a period where information is transmitted from one place to another at the speed of light. An era, when new technology to solve human problems is evolving on daily basis. In this era, no matter what your skill is, someone is thinking and working very hard to provide the benefit of what you do at a cheaper rate. In this era, there is no such thing as job security. You can lose your job anytime because someone out there is working very hard to eliminate your current job, or to reduce your income.

Surviving the times demands just one thing, ability to consistently update your skill in line with the change in your environment. A quote attributed to Charles Darwin says, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent that do survive. It is the one most adaptable to change.” To adapt in a rapidly changing world, you need to consistently update your skill (your earning ability)

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Finally, always have it mind that being poor or rich is a matter of choice and the choice is in your hand.


  1. Another wonderful post from you Mr taiwo, I want to agree with you that the problem of majority of our youth is lack of financial education, what we are taught in school is how to work for people and make them rich only those of us that went beyond our classroom teaching are making difference right now.
    Once again thanks for this wonderful piece.

  2. Bro Ben, you are on point. I couldn't have said it better. Thanks for your contribution.

  3. Great insight. Thanks sir for sharing this awesome knowledge.

  4. Mr Dan,
    I am glad you found this post awesome. Thanks for being part of this blog.

  5. This is really an insight, well done bro

  6. Hi Aanu,
    You are welcome. Thanks for taking your time to post a comment here.

  7. Very interesting topic. You really opened my eyes here. Its true that so many people dont care to think of how they could make mkney for themselves and blindly look for jobs. Thats just how our educational system has trained us right from day 1. Get into school- graduate- look for jobs.