Why Success Does Not Guarrantee A Lasting Happiness

Success and happiness
One day I sat down and reflected over my past goals and their attainments. I took time to examine my state of mind while looking forward to achieving those goals, and my feelings after reaching the goals. What I have learned is that the moment I set my mind on the achievement of any goal, there will be a kind of inner thirst, a sort of a burning desire to bring the goal into reality. This burning desire most of the times is based on the assumption that if the goal is achieved, then a lasting happiness and fulfillment is guaranteed. However, upon critical examination of my life, I discovered that none of the successes I have attained gives me lasting happiness. Of course I have had moment of great happiness as a result of reaching the goals but before you know it, the happiness wears away.

Back in my primary school days, I desired to gain admission into federal government college. I was full of the euphoria of how nice it would sound to tell my friends that I attend a federal government college. I also believed the school would groom me properly and build on the good foundation my primary school education has laid. In order to achieve this goal, I read as if I would not read anymore, solved as many past question papers as possible in preparation for the exam. Eventually I passed the exam, scoring 456 over 600. I also passed my interview both written and oral. At last my name came out on the merit list of admitted students. My goal was achieved of course, I was happy. But I started developing hatred for the school the first day I enter the dormitory due to the way senior students bully the junior ones. Success indeed does not eliminate problems, it only create new ones. The old problems may be gone, but new ones will definitely be created.

One of the major goals I pursued in the past was passing my O level at a sitting. There was a burning desire to reach the goal, and time will fail me to tell you the processes involved in reaching the goal. I gave it all it takes, read as much as I could, lo and behold, I sat for this almighty exam and passed the entire 9 subject I registered. The goal was achieved, I was excited for succeeding, but not too long the happiness started wearing away. As soon as I set my mind on getting admission into the higher institution, my O level result became insignificant to me.

What about owning a personal laptop, graduating from the university with at least a second class upper division, becoming a member of the national youths service corps (NYSC), and starting my own business. All these were things I long to attain in the past. I have always assumed that when I reach certain goal, an end will come to all my problems,  but my discovery so far  is that no success can guarantee lasting happiness because as soon as I achieve certain goal, I see other better things to work towards.

This is not peculiar to me; it is general to all humans. There is always an inborn desire within everything created to be more, have more and experience more. When we get satisfied, we get stuck, stop growing and start to rust.  If you take a look at people you may think have gotten it all, such as billionaires, bestselling authors, and celebrities in different fields, you will discover that they too still see their achievements as no big deal, and that is why they keep working day and night to get better things.

The critical lesson I have learned from experience is that the attainment of any of your goals will not give you a lasting happiness. You are going to be happy of course, but it won't last.  The achievement of one goal will lead you to the pursuit of another. Your new goal will consume so much of your attention that you will see no relevance in the ones you have achieved

Whatever goal you are working towards now, it will definitely be insignificant in some years to come after you must have achieved them. If that being the case, never take the attainment of any goal as a do or die, patiently work towards it, and learn to show gratitude for all that you have achieved so far. They were the things you so much long for before you get to this level. Always appreciate what you have. The world is your friend.