Gratitude: Do You Count Your Blessings Or You Think Your Blessings Don't Count?

learn to show gratitude
Give thanks

Gratitude originates from a Latin word called “gratus”, meaning pleasing or thankful. The month of December being the peak of the year is a time of reflection and giving thanks for the good things of life. I am persuaded that when you set out for this year, you have some goals you seek to achieve, and now is the time to sit down and reflect on your goals and all your activities within the year.

It is true that the outcome of your reflection may result in happiness, especially if you were able to achieve so many of your goals, and if otherwise you may start feeling bad and conclude that God has not being good to you all through the year.
If you are reading this post and feel God has not being good to you then you are wrong. An African proverb says  “anyone who knows how to think, would know how to give thanks.” Most of the times our inability to be grateful to Life for its goodness is because of our selfishness. We focus too much on the things we want and take for granted so many blessings life has given us. 

How many of us created ourselves?  Where does the food we eat and the water we drink come from? We cannot live long without oxygen, how many of us are responsible for the oxygen we breath in? Who created the soil and soil nutrients via which we grow the food we eat? Who created the raw material through which the beautiful things of life are manufactured? Some of us believe that our success in life is as a result of our ability to strategize and work hard, but the truth is that hard work and strategies can cannot guarantee success without favourable conditions which life  provide to make success possible. Who designed the human brain? Who is the creator of thoughts? Can a mad man think and strategize?

The truth is that if we look deep at life, we would come to a point where we would realize that God, the creator is our sustainer, and we need to be thankful for his gifts everyday of our lives.

Be grateful for entering year 2015 with the right mindset of having goals you seek to achieve and being able to achieve those goals. So many persons desire to achieve some of the things you have achieved this year but they were unable to. So you have so much to thank God for.

Be grateful for the gift of life. That you are alive today is not a function of your ability to manage your health, is a function of God’s will to keep you alive till this today.

Be grateful for your family and friends. You need to be thankful for the wonderful people God has brought into your life and the family through which the creator has brought you into this world.

Be thankful for your failures and defeats. Life is bipolar. Everything that exist has it’s opposite, for example, we have up and down, male and female, good and bad, happiness and sorrow, light and darkness etc. The truth is that failure, and defeats are part of life, and our experience of either of them is ultimately for our good.  The pendulum of life swings from one side to another. No matter how strategic we are, at certain time, evil must take place in our life and at some other time, we would experience the good which brings happiness. Be thankful for the lessons failure and defeat brings and embrace life with a positive attitude.

You may not have much to throw around at this season due to your financial situation. Never allow that to spoil your mood. Be grateful for the good things life has offered you this year which I am persuaded no amount of money can buy.

If you can count your blessings, name them one by one, you will definitely arrive at the conclusion that life has being good to you.

I am using this opportunity to wish a happy New Year in advance. Enjoy the season!

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