8 Keys To Productivity In Year 2016

keys to success and productivity in the new year
The year 2015 is gradually running to an end, and in few days time we shall shout happy New Year.
Have you sat down and evaluate your results for this year? How many of your goals were you able to achieve? Has anything change about you this year? To what extent have you moved towards your long term goals? Will you give yourself a pass mark or tag yourself a failure by the time you compare your result for this year against the goals you set for yourself?

No matter what your answers are regarding these questions, there is nothing you can do about that right now, they are now past events. It is important to note that as year comes and goes, we are drawing closer to our graves. We don’t have all the time in the world to become all that we want to be. It is expected of I and you to make the best use of our time so that at the end of our life, we would be proud that we lived our life well. The psalmist prayed “teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
In few days time, we shall hit the year 2016. The truth is that 2016 will come and go just like every other year, but how do you want the year to be for you? I have being contemplating, and trying to define the exact things I want for next year as that has being my usual habit. So many things I set my mind on this year have come to pass, and I have some yet unrealized.
 As we move into the New Year, I am persuaded that doing some of the things I suggested will definitely boost your productivity.

·                  Write down your goals: As you prepare to get into the New Year, it is expedient to have a clear idea of the things you want to achieve in the year 2016. Get a notebook, and write at least five major things that if you achieve next year will move you closer to your long term goal. On the 20th of this month, December 2015, I was speaking in a program and I asked a guy among the audience to tell me the number of poles at one side of the hall, but he got the answer wrong despite the fact that he has always seen the poles. He got it wrong not because he was not intelligent, but because he has never made a deliberate effort to know the exact number of poles at that side of the hall. So also in life, YOU WILL NEVER GET WHAT YOU ARE NOT DELIBERATELY LOOKING FOR. You will likely not get what you don’t consciously desire to get in the year 2016. For a productive year 2016, you must be specific of the things you want.

·                  Make plans on how to turn your goals into reality: It has been said, that there is no such thing as something for nothing, which is the basic truth about life. Nothing is free, all things are sold. You have to determine the necessary steps you are going to take to turn those goals into reality. For example, one of my goals in the year 2007 was to pass Jamb and gain admission into the university. To achieve that I planned to attend tutorial for three months, study and prepared adequately. I acted on my plan and eventually passed my Jamb, and pass post-UME as well and was admitted into the university that same year despite the fact that the competition was tough. Don’t just have goals, you must make valid plans that will help you make them a reality.

·                  You must be willing to take action: it has been said that nothing happen without action. You cannot plough a piece of land by just turning in your mind, you must act. The truth is that so many persons are aware of the need to set goals, but the reason only few succeed is lack of willingness to take action. As you go into the New Year with your goals in mind, you must resolve to do everything possible to make your goals a reality. You must be willing to take advantage of  every opportunity that will help you achieve your goals at the speed of light. Never procrastinate and you must be willing to take calculated risk.

·                  You must be focused: There is the likelihood of loosing focus because of so many things that may come up in the New Year, but you must ensure you fix your eyes on your goals and keep moving until you succeed.

·                  Be flexible: Flexibility is one of the things you need to be productive in the New Year. As you pursue your goals, you must take your time to reflect on your results. Identify the strategies that are working and the ones that are not. Flexibility demands that you discard methods that are not helping you to reach your goal and adopt new ones that will move you towards your goal faster.

·                  Choose the right friends and read the right books: It has been said that where you will be in the next 5 five years will be determined by two factors, the friend you keep and the books you read. Take a look at the friends you keep, and try your best to give those ones who are not bringing out the best in you some distance. You have to reduce the amount of time you spend with them. Choose to spend time with those who encourage you and bring the best out of you. Also you must form the habit of reading good books. Subscribe to blog and website that provides information on how you can maximize you full potential and reach you goal.

·                  Live right:  You must ensure you live a good life. Do not take advantage of others. Do unto others as you want them to do to you. Lend helping hand to the less privileged, be humble and learn to be content with what you have. Always show gratitude for your blessings. Live a life that imparts other people positively. Eat good food at the right time and take care of your heath.

·                  Be prayerful: I don’t know if you believe that there is a force that controls the universe. Some religions call this force God, Jesus ,the source, higher self or infinite intelligence. I personally believe that there is God that rules in the affairs of men and control everything in the universe. If you believe and ask in faith what you want from life, he will definitely give you if it is in line with his will. This may be beyond the comprehension of rational thinking, but it does work. If you believe it, it will manifest in your experience.

May the year 2016 bring you your wishes. I wish a happy New Year in advance.

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  1. I will strongly adhere to the last step, beacause i know that with God all things are possible for me in the year 2016.

  2. Though the last step is very important but we have to take care of our part by using the first step 'cos if there is no specific goal what are we asking God to bless. Kudos to admin.