Why There is No Such Thing as the Future

The future does not exist
The future and the  past don't exist in real time

Is there any reality as the future? The fact is that virtually everyone that inhabit the face  of the earth believes that the future is real. Most often people use the future in timing when they are going to do certain things, but in reality, the future is an illusion, it does not exist.

The future and the past don't exist in real time.

The future, just like tomorrow is a destination no one ever reaches. When I was a small boy, there was a medicine shop at the front of our house. There was an inscription at the door post of the shop which states that “no credit today, come tomorrow.”As a little boy, I believed the shop owner would sell medicine on credit the next day, but to my surprise, when I got there the following day, the inscription still read, no credit today, come tomorrow. Now am a grown up, and yet the tomorrow when medicines were expected to be sold on credit hasn’t come. I later realized that the message the medicine shop owner was trying to pass across was the fact that, he doesn’t sell drugs on credit. He understands the fact that tomorrow like the future does not exist. The moment you arrive at what is supposed to be called tomorrow it becomes today. As a result of this, the acclaimed tomorrow becomes an illusion, an unreachable destination that only exist our imagination.

In the same manner, the past  like yesterday does not exist; it is only a mental idea. Nobody ever live in a real time called yesterday, or the past. When today passes we refer to it as yesterday, and when tomorrow comes we call it today. Both the future and the past never existed in real time; they are mere illusions or ideas.

However, the only real time or the single reality we have is now, the present, and if you like you can call it today. The idea of the past and the future only exist to help us manage our life. The idea of the past exist to help us learn from our mistakes, forget painful memory, and evaluates our progress, while the idea of the  future exist to help us sustain  hope, courage, faith and enthusiasm.

How then can we apply this simple truth to our life? Having understood that there are no such reality as the past and the future, and that the only real time we have is now, or today. We should learn to make use of the present or today to effect the possible changes we desire in our life. Some people are of the habit of procrastinating what they ought to do today till tomorrow, they often think such a task is better done the next day, and even when the so called tomorrow comes, they will still postpone the task to another tomorrow, I want you to know that what you can do today, if postponed to tomorrow may never be done. Nothing wastes one’s life, and limits a man like procrastination. It’s the accumulation of all the efforts that we put in our "todays" that determines what we would become in the today we have not seen (future).

Similarly, some people keep blaming themselves on the mistakes of the past, regretting things they should have done that they didn’t do. The truth is that regretting, complaining or blaming oneself over the errors of the past will be of no help to us, it will only waste our today. The only way the past can serve as a tool of progress is by learning from it through creative and constructive reflection. By analyzing the result of our past actions, and using the outcome of our analysis to choose the actions that are productive and the ones that are destructive. Through this analysis we can determine actions and behavior that ought to be discarded in the present, and the ones to be sustained for more positive results.
Since the past and the future don’t exist, then we should learn to live in the present. Today is the day to begin that project you’ve been postponing. If you fail to do it today, you may never get it done. Make the best use of NOW.


  1. What a fabulous post about the illusion of the future . I cannot really agree more on illusion of the called future which approaches us at every nanoseconds of our lives whilst we think or view it as a stuff we can grab only at extreme of enternity if we can only move faster than the second hand of a grand father clock 🕒. What we call the future is just the preceeding seconds of seconds at a controlling point we call the present moment we attest to when we are still breathing and conscious. Yesterday was once the future we ranted about the day before it and every one second in front us is a future. Thanks the enlightenment.

    1. Hi Festus, thanks for your contribution to this post.