Konji Na Bastard: 5 Reasons You Should Take Charge Of Your Sexual Life

Consequences of unsafe sex

Sex is one of the most pleasurable experience humans can ever have, but it is important to know that the sweet experience of sex can change to a bitter one.
I dedicate this article to those men and women out there who think they must always have a feel of everything under skirts and trousers as the case maybe. Men and women whose self-esteem is only derived from the number of men and women they have slept with. People who erroneously believe that the size of their penis and breast are factors of production.

It is an indisputable fact that the greatest regret of so many persons in life arises from this 5-10 minutes enjoyment called sex. So many young people, both male and female have had the cause of their destiny altered as a result of not taking charge of their sexual life. I think any action that has the potential of bringing regret to one’s life requires a second thought.

In life, you have the capacity to choose your action, but as for the consequence, you have no choice. It is on this note I have decided to write this article with the intention of awakening your consciousness in the area of your sexual behavour. The reasons you should take charge of your sexual life include the following:

1.       BEING A VICTIM OF UNWANTED PREGNANCY:  One of the main reasons you should take charge of your sexual life is unwanted pregnancy.  For married couples who desire the gift of a child, being pregnant can be a huge success, but for individuals who engage in sex for the fun of it and become pregnant, then pregnancy can be their greatest nightmare. Imagine as you are reading this post, your girl friend whom you have had unprotected sex with in the past few weeks gives you a call that she has missed her period and confirmed pregnant. How will you feel? I am sure that such a call will put a lot of question marks on your head. You will likely ask yourself what pushes you into the act in the first place. The thought of how your parents, pastor or Imam and everyone who hold you in high esteem will feel will likely become your dominant thought. I am very sure that at that moment if the sexiest woman on earth should present her nude self to you for sexual escapade, your manhood will likely remain dormant. It will be so not because you have become impotent, but for the news that just hit you and the regret that accompanied your inability to control your sexual urge.

2.       POSSIBILITY OF CONTRACTING HIV AND OTHER STDs: The rate at which young girls and unmarried women are getting pregnant in Nigeria today reveals one thing, that most people don’t practice safe sex, and this sexual behaviour which is common among the majority will definitely promote the spread of HIV and other  STDs.  Statistics shows that 3.2 million Nigeria populations were living with HIV in 2013, and I am very sure this number has increased. A very large proportion of this figure consists of young men and women that are your potential sex partner. It has been said that  “HIV no dey show for face,” and that is the simple truth. Konji  na bastard, so you have to start sleeping with every girl or boy that comes your way. One thing you should know is that, that beautiful gal, or handsome dude maybe an HIV specimen. So failing to take charge of your sexual life is nothing but putting your life at risk. As far as HIV is concern as at the time of writing this article, November 2015 no drug or vaccine has been generally accepted as a cure for HIV neither do we have any drug that can provide absolute immunity for the virus. The only guaranteed drug or vaccine you have right now is your ability to take charge of your sexual life. Imagine that you go for HIV test today and the result turns out to be positive, how will you feel? One emotion I am so sure you will experience is the emotion of regret, but that regret could have been averted if only you had decided to take charge of your sexual life. People who promote the “konji na bastard syndrome” are of the opinion that you should engage in sexual intercourse as soon as you have the opportunity to do so irrespective of who you are doing it with and how you go about it. The truth is that they will not be there to share the consequence of your action with you when it eventually backfires. Anti-retro viral drugs are the only guarantee drugs for the control of HIV today, but imagine the fact that you have to keep taking it for the rest of your life for you to remain healthy. If you are HIV positive already and you are reading this, I am sorry if my expression sounds like a mockery of your predicament, I didn’t mean that. My aim is just to paint a picture of what it means to be HIV positive.

3.       WASTAGE OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES: Your desire to have a feel of everything under skirt will do one thing to you; it will make you spend your money on useless things. A lot of persons, by virtue of the financial breakthrough they have had in life should by now be financially free, but for their inability to take charge of their sexual life, they have found themselves in the valley of poverty, and the only friend they have right now is regret. Money that should have been used to create investments and add value to the life of the less-privileged in the society were used to lodge women in hotels, taking them on vacation and buying them expensive gifts, all in the name of sex. If this is not true, then the  “Aristos” and “Runs girls” or  the “ Oloshos” should have been out of business by now. In as much as you keep living with the konji na bastard mentality, then be ready to lose some of your money. In life, nothing is free, all things are sold.

4.       FAILURE IN HARNESSING THE POWER OF TRANSMUTATION OF SEXUAL ENERGY: It is no more news that sex is the most powerful of all human desires. According to Napoleon hill “when driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence and creative ability unknown to them at that time.” Transmutation of sexual energy is the process of turning sexual energy and aggression into productivity. It has been said that transmutation of sexual energy is the most powerful tool when it comes to creation, invention, accomplishment, creativity, advancement and achievement.  If you must benefit from the power of transmutation of sexual energy, you must take charge of your sexual life. You must forsake the habit of sleeping about with girls at every slightest opportunity. Instead of making sex and flirting your goal, choose to focus on things you want to achieve in life, and your life will improve dramatically. Transmutation of sexual energy is one of the secrets of most successful persons at every level of human endeavor and failure to harness its power can also be linked to the failure of many. I am not saying you should not have sex if you feel like, but stop making sex your goal. Choose to focus your sexual energy on creating the kind of life you want over dissipating it on indiscriminate sexual activities.

5.       UNFULFILLED DESTINY: Uncontrolled sexual desire is one thing that has destroyed the destiny of so many persons.  A lot of people with great hope and ambition for the future have had their hope dashed as a result of sexual related predicaments. Unwanted pregnancy for instance can lead to school drop out for both young boys and girls. Uncontrolled lust for sex can keep you in poverty, and place you in a position where you cannot maximize your financial potential. Not being in charge of your sexual life can make you die before your time, thereby preventing you from fulfilling your purpose here on earth. For instance, statistics shows that about 50,000 teenage girls die in Nigeria every year as a result of complications from pregnancy. You definitely have the desire to be married one day and have your own kids but do you know that uncontrolled sexual desire can prevent you from realizing that dream? If you become a victim of unwanted pregnancy, you will likely want to bail yourself out by attempting abortion, which has the potential of exposing you to infection which may result in infertility later in life.
The choice is now in your hand, you may consider these reasons and turn a new leaf or continue with your old way, after all “Konji na bastard.”

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