How To Earn People's Respect

Respect begets respect
Respect is reciprocal.

 In this blog post, I am going to show you 6 simples things that if you do, people will have no choice but to give you the respect you deserve.

Having respect for people has nothing to do with age, sex, money, power or what have you. People are naturally respected when they live in a certain way.

I have observed that there are two basic ways you can make people to respect you. One is by forcing people to respect you through the use of your power or authority. You can achieve this if you are in a higher position. All you need to  do is to exercise your power by forcing people who are less powerful than you to behave in a certain way. Your subordinates say yes sir/ma and tremble when you are around them because of your choleric nature, and fear of being hurt by you. When you are with them they may behave like you are a hero, but in their true mind, you are a big idiot. Putting fear in people's mind to make them respect you because of your position or power is a foolish and babaric way to earn the respect of yout surbodinate .You can never buy respect with your position, power, influence or money. True respect must be earned.

The second way of getting people to respect you is through your lifestyle. People respect you because you live in a certain way. This type of respect comes naturally and it is earned true your good works. It is this kind of respect Jesus talked about when he says “let your light be so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven.” The way to earn this kind of respect is the object of this article, and I am sure it is going to be of help to you.

Living in a certain way is effective when you want to earn people’s respect, and in my observation, by imbibing the following, you will naturally secure the respect of everyone around you, it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, Poor or rich, handsome or ugly, tall or short. By doing these things, you will begin to command people’s respect. It has worked for thousands of persons, and it will work for you too.

1.       SHOW LOVE TO OTHERS: To earn people’s respect, you must show them love. Love is an action word, and the proof of it is in what you give. When you show care for people and do things that reflect you love for them, they become naturally drawn to you. They will love you in return and esteem you high. You show love to people by being of help to them in difficult times. How do you react to people around you when they are hungry, have no cloth to wear, sick or in need of money? Do you just pity them, and tell them God will come to their aid, and move on without taking any practical step that will help to alleviate their condition? If you refuse to help, life goes on of course, but they will always remember your reaction to them in time of need, and that will be the basis of their own reaction to you in the future.  In life it is what you sow that you will reap. When you show love to the less privileged , they will reciprocate by respecting you.

2.LIVE ACCORDING TO THE GOLDEN RULE: The golden rule says ‘’do unto others as you want others to do to you.’’ As individuals, we naturally desire that people show us love, care, and respect. Whatever you want people to do to you, do it to them. You dictate in advance how you want people to treat you by the way you treat them. If you are rude, impatient, impolite to people, then don’t expect the opposite, because for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Respect begets respect.

3.       BE A PERSON OF YOUR WORD: One of the ways of making people to respect you is by being a person of your word. Be predictable. Let people be able to rely on what you say. These can only be achieved by being truthful and fulfilling your promises to them. When you come to that point in life where your yea is yea and nay is nay, then people have no choice but to respect you. In business and leadership, there is no way you can command people’s respect if you fail in this aspect.

4.       DO NOT BE A LIABILITY TO PEOPLE: Do you want to earn people’s respect? Then cease being a liability to the people around you. When you are of the habit of seeking favour and help from others every now and then, then you are a liability. Nothing is bad about asking for help, and favour, but when it has degenerated to doing it all the time, and not willing to take any responsibility for your life, then you are a liability. No one respects a person who disturb them with his or her problem every time. For every favour you seek, you have sold some of your right and worth. Nothing is free in life, all things are sold. What you pay for being a liability is losing the respect you deserve from people. Instead of being a liability, choose to be an asset. Add value to yourself, be the one that people are coming to for help. By so doing you will turn the table in you favour.

5.       LIVE A HUMBLE LIFE: If you are privileged to be an achiever and you choose to remain humble despite your achievement, people will definitely respect you for that. The norm for you as an achiever is to go about carrying your shoulder and telling the world you have arrived. When you do the opposite, people will be amazed and respect you for that.

6.       BE A PERSON OF FEW WORDS: If you are a choleric or a sanguine this might be a little bit difficult for you, but I am sure we all have the capacity to control our tongues if we choose to.  In the course of talking too much, you will likely make foolish statements that people would least expect from you, and as a result lose the respect they have for you.. The book of proverbs says “even a fool is considered wise (respected) when he keeps quiet.”   

In conclusion, always have it in mind that if people must respect you, you must earn it.

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