The Motto Of Failures

Have you ever come across the motto of failures? Failures wallow in self pity and have it tattooed on their mind that people who succeed extraordinarily have what they lack. They believe that successful persons are smarter, more intelligent and more gifted than they do. One thing that is constant is that in as much as their mind is programmed based on such a dirty and self limiting belief, they will never make a headway in life, because it is an indisputable fact that “as a man thinks, so is he.” I state the motto failures as “all fingers are not equal.”

I hope you will agree with me that this sentence is commonly used by failures as a tool to explain why they never rise beyond average, or attain the peak of their potential. You may want to argue that the sentence is not restricted to failures alone, that even successful people also use it. But have you asked yourself, what situation would make a successful individual use this sentence? Unlike failures, successful individuals may sometimes use it as a tool of sympathy  for the average people, at least to make them fill comfortable about themselves, and their poor state and condition. They never use it to explain their shortcomings, but failures do.

In the academic world for instance, a C student may defend his grades category by capitalizing on the things he lacks as against the straight A student. In a situation where the straight A student is the son of a teacher, and probably from a richer background, the C student can quickly explain his failure by saying he’s a C student because his father is not a teacher, and that he couldn’t afford the necessary textbooks because he’s from a poor background. Though the excuses of this C student seem justifiable, but in reality, it is never a reason for him to remain in that category. His limitation is more attitudinal than his acclaimed facts.
This is not different from what most of us do. We shy away from our responsibilities, and we keep blaming the circumstances of life for our failure. I believe that any C student has the potential to become a straight A student and that every average individual has the capacity to rise to the peak in his chosen career, but this will never be possible if all we do is to keep blaming life variables for our averageness. “You are never a failure” said a great thinker “until you start blaming people for your failure. If we must rise from the dungeon of failure and mediocrity, we must learn to accept responsibility for our failure by finding out our own contribution to our retrogression, and take action that will bring advancement and improvement to our lives. This is the only means through which personal success can be guaranteed
Ordinarily, it is accepted that all fingers are not equal, but it isn’t the same thing as everyone cannot succeed. We can all succeed if we know success recipe and act on it. Anybody can achieve success if he can rightly apply daily the basic fundamentals that are related to the actualization of his desired goal. Likewise, anyone can fail or continue to fail if he continues to repeat the errors that lead to his failure.

In life, no two persons are the same. We are differentiated by several factors. Some are fortunately born with a silver spoon, while some are raised in abject poverty. Some are born physically fit without any form of defect, while some are unfortunately born with pitiable physical defect and disability. However, despite the differences that exist among individuals across the world, history and evaluated experiences have revealed that anybody can become successful and rise to greatness in life irrespective of his body makeup, sex, education, race, religion, and economic background.  The life of top achievers like Edmund Hillary, Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Henry Fords, Hellen Keller, Bill Gates, Barrack Obama, Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and others are proofs of the reality of this simple truth.

You must have it in mind that the world is waiting for your name to be enlisted in this hall of fame .Success is a choice, and failure is a choice either, though these choices may be made unconsciously by the individual, both are products of choice. Our daily habits is the factory where we generate our life realities. Success is not guaranteed for anyone, and similarly nobody is destine to fail, it’s in our hand to choose whether to succeed or to fail.


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