You Will Soon Expire

You will soon expire.

Anytime I go into a shop to buy any product, I am always very careful to observe critically the manufacturing and expiry date of the product I am buying, so as to avoid buying an expired product.
There was a time I realized while meditating that every human life is like a commodity or product with manufacturing and expiry date. To create any product, certain raw materials are needed, and they must be taken through some production processes before they can become finished goods, and after which can be made available for consumers. However the usefulness of such product is only valid within the scope of its manufactured and expiry date.

Like every product that goes through a manufacturing phase, the human life begins at conception and ends when the individual dies. The day of birth of a man marks the beginning or the manufacturing date just like any product, and the date of death is his expiry date. Have you ever taken time to closely observe people’s obituary? If u did, you will notice that for every obituary, the date of birth/year and the date of death/year of the deceased person is always indicated, for example, Socrates( 470-399BC). What this means is that if Socrates was a commodity, he would have been labeled ‘’best  before 499BC’’ I have not written this to scare you, we just have to accept the reality of our mortality, and having known this, that our lives has an expiry date, it will be wise to make the best use of our existence.

The psalmist understands the relevance of this reality when he prayed to God to ‘’teach him how to number his days so that he may apply his heart to wisdom’’ If we fail to make the world better than we met it, then our existence here on earth is a disgrace. We are not here to be a figure head but to make our family, community, and the world better than the way we met them.

Your birthday and death day doesn’t count, what counts is what you do in-between. The things you do in your life time constitute the legacy you will leave behind. Your family, friends, and the world will remember you for good or bad legacy, and you may not even be remembered at all if your existence has no significance just like that of Methuselah. Today, individuals like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Napoleon hill, Hellen keller, Obafemi  Awolowo, Nnamdi  Azikwe and so on are no more alive but the legacy they left behind speaks, though they are no more with us in the physical, their impacts are still very much with us, we can hear them, feel them, and model our lives after theirs because in reality they are still living. Though they are dead, their legacies have immortalized their names. 

Are you living a life of purpose or you are just beating about the bush, living a directionless life? Socrates said to whoever cares to hear and think that “an unexamined life is not worth living.''

Decide today to begin a journey to a better life and a better memory. Wake up!

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