What Should You Celebrate On Your Birthday?

What you should celebrate on your birthday.

One of the common events that almost everybody observes and celebrates is birthday anniversary. It is a day that celebrants invite friends and family to dine with them.
Some people can even go as far as borrowing money just to ensure that they have an elaborate birthday ceremony. I’m not against birthday celebration, but the problem I have is that vast majority of people who are crazy about such celebration has a shallow understanding of what birthday connotes. And as a result, instead of majoring in the major things, they end up majoring in the minors.

What is a birthday anniversary? To the majority, birthday anniversary is celebrated when they add a year to their initial age. They are often happy for the fact that they are alive to see a new year in the land of the living, and being in good health condition and so on.  The truth of the matter is that as you advance in age, you are gradually becoming an endangered specie. Your birthday  anniversary marks a day  you lose a complete 365 days of your existence. It means that your expiry date is drawing closer. Is celebrating the fact that we are alive and in good health the ultimate or reflecting on how we’ve spent our years so far? I think this should be a day of reflective thinking to every sane and highly conscious individual, a day to compare your current age to your achievements.

 Your birthday anniversary should be a day you think about your life, and how much progress you are making in terms of achieving your life time goals. Surprisingly, some don’t even have a life time goal not to talk of evaluating them, and yet they are celebrating their birthday every year. The root cause of a behavior of this kind can only be traced to ignorance and foolishness.

 It is not the longevity of your existence that counts, but the impart you make within your scope of existence. Personally, am here not to just occupy space like an ordinary matter, but to make the world a better place, and after my demise, my family, community, friends and the world would be happy that I came. What about you?

You can celebrate your birthday, but I Suggest it should be done in terms of your achievement and not that you are still alive. You will be regarded a fool if you celebrate your birthday elaborately without having a mental picture of where you want to be between now and the next five years.

Remember, time is running, are you?

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