The Power Of Self-Discovery

One of the tools of personal success in life is self discovery. Everybody is unique, and as a result of this, our disposition to life events, or the way we handle issues varies tremendously. This reality calls for self discovery for every achievement conscious individual. One of the earliest philosophers, Socrates implores the people of his time to discover themselves. He said in a statement popularly known as the Socratic dictum, “man know thyself.’’

This was not limited to the Greek society, the know thyself concept cuts across all culture. For example, in a Japanese legend people were taught to respect three kinds of power. The power of the sword which indicates weapon, the power of Jewel which stands for money, and the power of the mirror which stands for self knowledge. According to this legend, the most powerful of these three is the power of the mirror.
 How far you will go in life is determined by the level of awareness you have about yourself in terms of your strength, weakness, gift and talent. I want you to know that there are potentials inside of you awaiting your discovery. The average human being has an unlimited capacity to do things that are incredible to a rational mind. Our problem most of the times lies in our desire to lock ourselves up in our comfort zone.
 Looking at the achievement of man so far, I have no doubt of what an average man can do .It would amaze you to know that the average man does not use more than 10% of their potentials. What this infers is that none of the great achievers you’ve ever known used beyond 10% of their latent capacity, they waste the remaining 90% by leaving them dormant. My question for you is, what will you make of the potentials you have?

The earlier you discover yourself the better. Self discovery is the ultimate discovery. I want you to know that just like you celebrate some football stars, musicians, great speakers, authors, award winners and everyone whose name has entered the hall of fame, you too can be celebrated; the choice is up to you. The world will never mind if you exist unless you boldly come out to announce to them what you’ve got through the manifestation of your potentials. Your fulfillment and reward in life comes from the use of your innate ability. Discover yourself!

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