The Power of Faith

 Faith is a critical factor if at all one would take any step that will lead to success. So many people fail in life, not because they don’t have all that it takes to achieve their dream, but because they lack the belief that they can make their dream a reality. So many people think faith is a religious concept or that only those who belong to one religion or the other have access to faith, but that is not true, every human being based on the nature of our existence, and consciousness is endowed with some measure of faith.

 Faith is life’s technology needed to take actions that would eventually transform our dreams into reality. Actions are driven by faith. Collins dictionary defines faith as “strong or unshakable belief in something, especially without proof or evidence” To succeed in anything, it is imperative that one have faith that one’s action would produce the desired result.

 Lack of faith will produce fear, self doubt, discouragement, frustration, lack of motivation and several other factors that could impede one’s success. If you must bypass failure to succeed you must believe in yourself and your God given ability.
Faith can be generated when you believe in a higher power. One of the frailties of man lies in his tendency to falter at the face of adversity, but people who believe in higher powers or something greater than the human state have been found to possess the capacity to sustain hope, and enthusiasm even at the face of tough times, qualities which are indispensible factors of success.

Psychologists have discovered that there is a link between achievement and motivation. However, I have observed that the mother of motivation is faith. Without faith, there can be no motivation. Motivation is not a product of external influence; it is a natural product of your desire to achieve something, and your belief that you are capable to do it. Without faith, there won’t be motivation, and without motivation success is not guaranteed.

To succeed in life you have to activate your faith, create for yourself conditions that would naturally boost your faith. This can be achieved by listening to good tapes, reading motivational books, and biography of great achievers. From these sources, you will obtain materials that would change your paradigm, and change the way you think about yourself and life as a whole. Faith gives you the assurance that you can do it , and that you will succeed, a belief which provides the foundation for massive action. Be warn! Lack of faith is hazardous to your success.

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