Knowledge: Your Road Map to Success

Knowledge is power
What you don't know is more powerful than you

A popular adage says "knowledge is power", and in reality knowledge is power indeed .One of the indisputable factors that land people in failure in life is lack of knowledge or information. Lack of knowledge can be referred to as ignorance. Knowledge connotes light through which we can see in the dark wilderness of this world. A
person in darkness is bound to be stagnant, and if he makes any attempt to walk, his chances of stumbling is very high. Knowledge symbolizes the path that leads to the destination in our minds.
The dreams we have in our faculty of imaginations are the cities or the destinations we want to reach. To get to any desired destination successfully, it is imperative that one has the road map that lead to the destination.

Just as every city has a road that lead to it, so is it that every idea, wish or goal has principles, methods or strategies that govern how to transform them into reality. Many people have fantastic ideas, but they lack the basic knowledge of how to transform them into reality. Anyone who must succeed in anything must be ready to pay the price to acquire the necessary knowledge on how to make his desire happen. Successful persons in all field are always known to be very intelligent, and possess high level of knowledge about their field, no wonder they often end up being consultant to the newbie.

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One common mistake often made by people is that they play down on the need to acquire the basic how to( knowledge), that relate to the goal they want to achieve, but go ahead to make a trial, the result in most cases is failure. Nothing is bad about making errors, but errors are only allowed if you are the first person to embark on what you are about doing, but if it has been done before by someone else, all you need to do is to model the person's strategy. The process of finding out such strategy is what I call information/ knowledge acquisition.

Bishop David Oyedepo, the general oversea of winners chapel, one of the churches with the largest congregation in Africa, once said, “I will never get into anything I am not averagely informed about.” He wrote in one of his books, ''exploiting the secret of success" that he spent two years, learning the secrets of success in ministry before he started his ministry, No wonder why he became highly successful in his ministry.

 To succeed in anything, try to master the basic information of how to go about it, this is one of the ways to avert failure. There are experts and people who have successfully done what you are about to start, and have written books on how they become successful. It is important to read these books so as to have the needed light and road map through which you can reach your destination.

However, it is important to know that it is not enough to have the knowledge, or information you need to accomplish your goal, you must be willing to apply them.

Knowledge is nothing but a potential power, it will accomplish nothing without application. The real power lies in the application of the acquired knowledge.

Therefore to excel in life, you must be willing to learn everything you need to learn in order to achieve your goals, and you must be willing to act on or apply the information you have gathered. This is one of the secrets of highly successful people.

 Learn and do!

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  1. Great one there, Taiwo. Even a genius will struggle in the absence of vital information or knowledge this time. People that continuously make impact on their generation are lifelong learners who don't rest on yesterday's glory. Thanks for enriching us with your knowledge. ��