Focus: A Critical Success Factor

To focus means to direct ones attention or concentration on a particular thing until one gets one’s desired result. Another word that can be used in the place of focus in this context is consistency.Success is neither a magical incident, nor an overnight event, it requires a gradual process. It takes some time to succeed in any endeavor. The inability to focus on what we want to achieve until we achieve them will always land us in failure.

A popular adage says, ‘’ if you chase two rats, you will catch none.’’ And that’s often the kind of result received by people who lack focus on the goal they want to achieve. Focus is a very powerful tool of transforming any idea into reality .Ordinarily, the sun ray does not burn, but when focused using a magnifying lens possesses the capacity to burn certain materials. No matter the level of one’s strength, talent, gift or wisdom, if they are not focused to produce specific result, they will remain useless. It is not strength that produces result, it is focus. People who are easily distracted, who lack staying power are potential failures in any endeavor.

Lack of focus is what is responsible for why people start a project and leave it half done. One of the unique traits of achievers is that they are good starters and great finishers.
Most people fail not because they lack the will start, but they fail because they lack the focus to follow through. They are often found of starting too many things at the same time without completing  any. People of these traits will find it difficult to succeed in life, because success demands unwavering focus or consistency. How focused are you on the project or goal you are currently pursuing? Without focus you may not get your desired result. Stay focused!

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