Clues To Discovering Your Potentials

Anytime the concept of potential is being discussed, the question that often arises from people’s mind is what are my potentials, gifts or talents? Question is a very powerful tool of discovery. Nothing substantial has ever been discover without the right question. You can never discover your potentials unless you ask questions that will provide the clues to what they are. Question sets your brain in motion to find solution to any problem you might be going through. The validity of any assumption is determined by analyzing such assumption with the right questions. A sincere answer to the following questions will provide you with basic ideas that can help you identify your potentials.
·         What do you do effortlessly without a lot of preparation or study?
·         What do you do that other people find difficult to do?
·         What are the unique characteristics that make you different from others?
·         What problem do you often solve for those around you?
·         In what occasion have you ever been celebrated and for what?
·         What do you love doing?
·         In what field would you love to be mentioned as a hero?
·         What are your dominant talents or gifts?
Questions like these ones will help you to stretch your imagination to identify your core potentials. Your potential are those talents, gift and ability you possess, that if subjected to refining, practice, learning and continuous training can land you where you can never imagine in the years ahead. Your potential can be compared to the singing ability of the young Michael Jackson, programming genius of the young mark zuckerberg, the inquisitive nature of young Isaac Newton, Einstein, Buddha, passion for equal right for everybody irrespective of race or colour of martin Luther king Jnr, the Microsoft idea of Bill gates and so on.
Potentials are powerful and can set man irreversibly on the part of success in life if discovered, and nurtured. Besides the questions above, a better way to identify your dominant abilities is by taking a personality test. It will assist you in identifying your dominant abilities and weaknesses, so as to know where you can function effectively. To excel in your chosen career, what you do must be consistent with your natural gifting and passion, otherwise you will end struggling in a vocation that does not give you satisfaction or fulfillment.

Discover your potentials today by providing answers to the questions above.

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